Thursday, May 27, 2010

'But Make No Mistake ..." – Obama Defends Handling of Oil Spill

That "but make no mistake" is the giveaway for President Obama's damage control mode. The New York Times has a report, "Obama Defends Handling of Oil Spill." Also, at Politico, "Obama: Critics 'don't know the facts'." (Via Memeorandum.)

The big question is whether
this is Obama's Katrina, and there's no contest. Unlike 2005, the response was not federalized across the different levels of government. Obama gets the blame, and it's not conservatives who're talkin' the loudest, but top Democratic personalities. Obama. Is. BP. Fail.


Dennis said...

You cannot keep saying that government is the answer to every issue that happens in this country and then when something happens blame everybody else. When you create the "government" as the organization that is the "expert" and savior then people have every right to wonder why government and this administration keeps failing at the very things they were supposed to be the experts.
Expectation will be the ultimate downfall of this type of government because sooner or later most people will see that they are guessing and making assumptions that most in government are unqualified to make.
Speeches are nice, but they never take the place of smart, quick, efficient decision making and action that is based in an understanding of the problem and its many ramification.
I have always hated the term "expert," even when I was supposed to be one. Anyone who would allow themselves to be called an "expert" is either a fool or an arrogant liar. One can be conversant with the subject/issue at hand, but all knowing is past anyone alive at this time.
A government, such as the Obama administration, built on the idea of a group of experts can run this country is an an administration of fools and dangerous to itself and to us.

Grizzly Mama said...

I thought it was a strange backdrop - where is the American flag? Just this bizarre gold 'stuff'. Looks like something a Saudi king would want behind him - not that I'm saying Obama is Saudi or even moslem. I just thought it was strange.

That's just a small thing though. When you've got Governors requesting federal help, and they're being ignored - that's on Obama. 'MAKE NO MISTAKE'!!! Jindal is doing everything he can, they are using private boats to try to contain this oil - when the government has the resources and they're SUPPOSED to have a plan for this. No excuse. Obama is a disgrace and an embarrassment.

I also think it's interesting that people are bringing up Katrina. I don't see any similarities - other than it's potentially toxic politically for O. Just the opposite has occurred, in that state government is doing all they can and requesting federal help. With Katrina - it was the other way around with federal agencies begging state government to allow them to help.