Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jan Brewer and Sarah Palin: Secure the Border - Support Arizona

Gateway Pundit has the report and video, "Jan Brewer & Sarah Palin Hold Joint Press Conference Today on Border Security."

And here's the website and video for Brewer and Palin's "
Secure the Border - Support Arizona":

Also, on Twitter, Governor Brewer and Sarah Palin.


dave in boca said...

The simplest concept in the entire conservative portfolio is finally extended to the internet, the actual enforcement of federal laws by the states, and this turns the nasties upside down?

What a concept!?!

Dennis said...

One has to give a lot of credit to Conservative women for being on the front lines despite the bigotry of the Left aligned against them. In many cases they appear to have more backbone than the men around them both conservative and liberal.
Can you imagine what kind of a mind can find something like the Arizona law racist without reading it? Oh, I forgot we are dealing with Leftists and the democrats and the Obama Administration. The, "I do not need to read no stinking law," gang of "know nothings."
It would not be so egregious if the Arizona law did not mirror federal law with the intent of actually enforcing it. This has to be the biggest bunch of ideologues and inept people to populate government since the country's founding and that is saying a lot.
I am gaining a great deal of respect for conservative women for their intelligence, strengths to stand and fight for what they believe in and quite frankly they are so much better looking as a whole than Leftist women and are unafraid to be women.
Kudos Ladies.

Rusty Walker said...

Those of us who have actually read S.B.1070 understand that it includes little that is controversial. Some excerpts:
A. "no limit or restriction to Federal Law…" This is the only controversial line I could find: B. law enforcement may be undertaken with "reasonable suspicion” of the person being “an alien who is unlawfully in the U.S….a reasonable attempt…when practicable…to determine the status…verified by Federal Government Code.”
E. Law enforcement “may arrest without a warrant” with “probable cause.”
Much of it has to do with sharing information with other agencies; employer’s offenses and allowance for “good faith efforts to comply.” 1st offense is cited as “3 years probation,” – hardly a tough law. They have updated the e-verification program for employers to keep records longer.
G. ‘A person’ can ‘challenge in court any state official or agency who attempts to restrict full enforcement.”
J. Seems to ensure no racial profiling: the law is consistent with “Federal Code” “protecting civil rights” and “respecting the privileges and immunities of U.S. citizens.”
The bill covers “smuggling,” and stopping of vehicles under reasonable suspicion.”
Revising AZ statutes, Section 3, Title 13, Chapter 15, giving specifics about proper determination of alien’s status- by authorized Law Enforcement and the penalties against those caught with “drugs, deadly weapons, terrorism.”
It reads like a reasonable law to stop illegal entry. Very simple. I truly think the administration is embarrassed that Arizona under state's rights felt the need to act when the Feds have been MIA. That is why we are getting unjustified White House pressure and Leftists piling-on.

Chris McClure aka Panhandle Poet said...

I will be flying to Arizona on Monday and will spend the week there boosting their economy. It seems my patriotic duty!