Wednesday, May 26, 2010

'We're Going to Bring Your Racism Down' – Stand With Arizona, May 29th!

I will be in Arizona this weekend to report on the major anti-illegal immigration protest in Phoenix. Organizers are turning this into a nationwide movement to "bring your racism down," according to Arizona Daily Sun:
Pablo Alvarado, director of the National Day Labor Organizing Network, said there is a need to focus attention on Arizona.

"Arizona has become the testing ground for the most draconian antiimmigrant legislation in our country," he said.

"It is in Arizona and other similar states where the immigration debate has been polluted with hate and poisoned by bigotry," Alvarado continued. "It is in Arizona where politicians and law enforcement agents have become the folk heroes of white supremacist organizations and individuals."

Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox said those who are not in the state cannot imagine the fear the new law has created.

"You have to come to Arizona, come to the march, talk to the people," she said. "You can feel the fear once you get off the airplane."

But the protest goes beyond the march and beyond the calls for individuals and groups to boycott Arizona. It now is targeting specific companies.

One is the Arizona Diamondbacks based on what he said is the "extraordinary hypocrisy" of owner Ken Kendrick who Gutierrez said has been involved with those opposed to immigrants. Kendrick has been a supporter of Republican candidates and recently help raise money for GOP congressional candidate Jonathan Paton.

Others being targeted include ...
RTWT at the link.

But also on Saturday is the big
Stand With Arizona event in Tempe. Try to make it out to show your solidarity. Our good friends in Arizona are not just dealing with this:

But the open-borders fifth column as well, "We're Going to Bring Your Racism Down":




Grizzly Mama said...

"..of owner Ken Kendrick who Gutierrez said has been involved with those opposed to immigrants."

This shit is starting to piss me off, Donald. We are not 'opposed to immigrants'. We are opposed to ILLEGAL immigrants. Jesus. They're deliberately acting like assholes.

I wish that I could fly out to stand with you and everyone else - I am with you in spirit. Be brave!!!