Friday, May 21, 2010

World's Fastest Memory Hole: Washington Times Yanks Dale Robertson Column!

Just in, from Tommy Christopher, "Washington Times Pulls Dale ‘N-Word Sign’ Robertson’s Tea Party Column."

And, just a few minutes earlier, from Tabitha Hale at Red State, "
Dear Washington Times: Seriously?":


The Washington Times has managed to give credibility to this delusional racist who claims to be the founder of the Tea Party. As Tommy Christopher points out, they’ve consistently quoted him as a Tea Party leader, and now they’re showing no qualms about him signing up to write on their Tea Party Report blog. I shouldn’t even have to say this out loud, but for the sake of argument I will: Dale Robertson is not the founder of the Tea Party movement. He happened to register It probably cost him $9 on GoDaddy. That does NOT a Tea Party leader make. In fact, many Tea Party players have shunned him and uninvited him from any related events. However, none of this seems to matter to Dale.

Plus, from David Weigel, "From the 'N-word' to the Washington Times."

Added: "Epic FAIL: fraudster-in-chief Dale Robertson." More at Memeorandum.

PHOTO CREDIT: Houston Tea Party.