Saturday, May 15, 2010

Griff Jenkins Interviews Social Justice Teacher Ron Gochez: 'I Am Against Capitalism'

Robert Stacy McCain loves his Google bombs, but I'm telling you, I'm getting some of teh awesome search engine exposure with my reporting on Los Angeles revolutionary teacher Ron Gochez. I mean, seriously. Search for "Ron Gochez" and my entries top the list. I'm even beating Gochez on Facebook! Sweet. And lots of folks have been linking my stuff all around the web, on blogs, message boards, even BreitbartTV!

And listen to the interview. Gochez confirms he's socialist, declaring "I am against capitalism," and he attacks tea party patriots as "violent racists."

What's especially noteworthy here is the statement from L.A. Unified defending Gochez's rights to freedom of speech:

The teacher in question was participating on his personal time and the views he expressed during the gathering were his own and do not represent the views or opinions of the district. There appears to be no direct violation of district policy.
Some folks might cringe at this, for example, Todd Starnes: "‘Mexican Revolution’ Teacher Won’t Be Disciplined." But the issue is not so much Gochez's First Amendment rights (which should be protected), but the double standards. Radical left-wing hate speech is rampant in America's public schools, colleges, and universities. Diversity training, "institutional racism" indoctrination, and political correctness are poisoning kids' minds from Los Angeles to Denver to Boston and all points between. Just this week, in Hallsville, Missouri, a high school sophomore was disciplined for displaying a painting from his art class that depicted "President Barack Obama with a hammer and sickle symbolizing communism." And of course, also this week we had David Horowitz's confrontation at UCSD, where a Muslim student admitted support for a second Holocaust. Robert Spencer updates on that, "Muslim Students Association issues deceptive non-condemnation of UCSD student’s endorsement of genocide of Jews." And see my piece as well, "Mark Levine, Radical Pro-Islamist History Professor at UC Irvine, Calls David Horowitz a 'Liar' on Sean Hannity's."

With Arizona's big recent pushback on immigration and ethnic studies, we're really turning a tide in the political debate. For 2010, It's not just small government issues anymore. It's the whole neo-socialist reconquista agenda being pushed by today's Democratic Party establishment. And it's long pased time to give these creeps the boot.


ruralcounsel said...

My recollection is that as a public employee in California, one is required to take a loyalty oath in which one disavows violent overthrow of the state or nation.

Seems he's violated that oath, whether he was on his own time or not.