Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Debate on the Constitution That Leftists Actually Won?

Actually, the left wins the Rand Paul CRA debate essentially by default. And if this Slowpoke cartoon is any indication, we've come to the point where for the left there's no meaningful distinction between liberty and equality in the United States today. But Dave Weigel, at the Bloggingheads clip, is right to indicate that it's not worth it for Rand Paul to appear on national TV to try to make the case for flaws in the contemporary civil rights regime. That's radioactive. But at the link Joan Walsh, who's been one of the left's biggest race baiters since Obambi came to office, concludes that if it's not Rand Paul's vision, what's the tea party all about? As noted previously, you'll be hearing this debate all the way through November, since racial recrimination is pretty much all the Democrats have:



Tim Johnston said...

they're really having a field day with this one.