Monday, May 31, 2010

President Reagan's Memorial Day Commemoration, May 28, 1984

Hat tip to MAinfo: "In the absence of Washington leadership this Memorial Day weekend, I look to Reagan for guidance in remembering the fallen. May 28, 1984."

What a great man:

Plus, bonus Memorial Day video:

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Bob Belvedere said...

Thank you, Donald for reminding us of a time when we had a leader in The White House who loved his country.

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Their Truth Is Marching On: Memorial Day 2010

JBW said...

"In the absence of Washington leadership this Memorial Day weekend, I look to Reagan for guidance..." Reagan? Reagan! *fap*fap*fap* This fetish of yours becomes weirder by the day, Don.

Philippe, I agree with your positive sentiments about my country but I think I can speak for a majority of us here when I say that I find the idea of living under a king or queen somewhat offensive. The only thing I dislike more than someone baselessly insisting that they're better than me is someone who does so by pointing to their god as proof of it, and I believe that it's anathema to the American spirit of freedom and mindset of rugged individualism to install royalty at the top of our society. I understand that Europeans aren't as bothered by this since you've had many lifetimes to get used to the idea but it makes me extremely uncomfortable as an American.

JBW said...

I'll admit that I've never even considered installing an American monarchy, Philippe. I suppose it's because the idea is almost viscerally repugnant to me; I just get this weird feeling when I think about it so I don't.

Maybe it goes back to the whole "chosen by god" thing that many kings have claimed or maybe I'm just prejudiced against royalty, who knows? I do know that I don't want it though.