Friday, April 8, 2011

Ezra Klein Shills for Planned Parenthood Abortion Industry

I never cease to be amazed, but Boy Wonder Ezra is up to his progressive tricks again, "What Planned Parenthood Actually Does" (via Memeorandum).
... As you can see in the chart atop this post, abortion services account for about 3 percent of Planned Parenthood’s activities.
Check the post for the chart he's talking about, but no matter. The "3 percent" figure is a blatant lie, and the rest of Ezra's post is questionable on the facts, and a diversion from the real issue in any case. Here's Live Action on the numbers, "38.4% of Planned Parenthood’s 2009 “Health Center Income” is from Abortion":


This means that fully 38.4% of Planned Parenthood health center income comes directly from aborting unborn children.

So, only "3 percent of activities"? I guess for Ezra abortion services are kinda like the Constitution --- too hard to understand.


UberMitch said...

But Klein is talking about patient services provided and Rose's number is based on revenue. Why are you trying to compare two totally different numbers?

Also, Rose's number is calculated from the "average cost of an abortion." Is that how much Planned Parenthood actually charges?

Kevin T. Keith said...

Well, somebody here is having a hard time understanding something, but it doesn't seem to be Ezra.

The 3% figure he cites, correctly, is the fraction of procedures performed. Your 38% dollar figure is the fraction of revenues collected. Yes, 3% of procedures account for 38% of revenues because, at a cost, as you noted, of almost $500 each (well below the average at for-profit clinics), abortions are more expensive than most other clinic procedures - so a small percentage of treatments accounts for a larger percentage of fees collected. That's just math.

But which of the two - procedures, or fees - sounds like "activities"? Yes, it's the one that involves actual . . . activity . . . not a dollar amount of money. Abortion is 3% of clinic "activity" because it is 3% of what actually goes on, actively, in the clinics.

I suppose it's natural for conservatives to equate healthcare with dollars rather than actual treatment of patients. And it's clearly natural for them to lie about Planned Parenthood - that's been going on for years. But simple reading comprehension alone should have gotten you through this one.

Donald Douglas said...

Uber Mitch: Did you even read Live Action's post. It start with the same statistic and provides an analysis based on business numbers.

Donald Douglas said...

KK(K): Read Live Action. You'll see the post indicates that the 3 percent cited by Planned Parenthood is misleading. Live Action provides a different metric, and when compared to Klein's argument --- that abortion isn't what Planned Parenthood does --- we see how deep is the abortion industry's deception. And your defense is morally bankrupt.

dave in boca said...

Some people mention the Hyde Amendment which keeps Planned Parenthood from using fed dollars directly for abortions. But of course, as Lila Rose mentions, that money is fungible and the Fed funds merely free up PP to spend money on abortions got from other sources---like Foundations and other Merchants of Death.

BTW, My wife way back in the day interviewed to be shrieking squawker Mikulski's Administrative Asst. and was told by the outgoing AA that Mikulski is a lez-bean who has serial snit-fits and fires her staff on a weekly basis. Back then, she was a 4'10" bundle of Polish psychosis.

Now it looks like those flapping jowls could use a few doses of botox straight up.

Donald Douglas said...

Thanks for commenting, Dave!