Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mitt Romney's RomneyCare Albatross

I like Mitt Romney. I wouldn't be unhappy if he became the nominee. But he's got liabilities, especially his Massachusetts healthcare program that's being dissed as "RomneyCare" (an allusion to "ObamaCare").

Sean Hannity read Holly Robichaud's brutal Boston Herald essay on air the other night, "Just one more reminder that Mitt Romney can’t win." And here comes Michael Graham with another slam on Romney at the Herald, "Romneycare a big bust." What remains to be seen is how this plays out. In 2004 Democrats nominated John Kerry so they'd have a candidate with both veteran and antiwar creds to challenge a sitting war president. Problem was that Kerry couldn't get any traction on the war, since he wasn't going change much of the Bush policy on Iraq: "Why change horses in midstream"?

Will the same thing happen to Romney? Healthcare should be Obama's albatross, and it is, except if Romney's the nominee he'll have to try to differentiate what he did in Massachusetts with what Obama's done with the Affordable Care monstrosity. But it wont' work. Michael Graham's essay above says that ObamaCare and RomneyCare are joined at the hip in the public's mind, so Romney --- and Republicans --- are screwed on that issue. Maybe the Ann Coulter scenario would be better, to have Chris Christie throw his hat in the ring, but who knows at this point? Romney could be dead in the water? But Christie ain't running? And Sarah Palin could be hangin' loose until 2016? Hey, I'll take Michele Bachmann! We need a woman president!


lakjtj said...

Michael Graham has repeatedly stated that Romneycare was killing jobs in Massachusetts. Since I try to separate facts from rhetoric I checked the unemployment rates for ALL states as well as the historical rates for Massachusetts and here's what I found: Massachusetts' unemployment rate has been historically lower than the national rate except during the George H.W. Bush years when it was HIGHER. Currently 35 states have HIGHER unemployment rates than Massachusetts, meaning it is in the 70 percentile. Not bad. Not bad at all. Will anyone challenge him on this?