Monday, May 11, 2009

Janeane Garofalo Responds: "They're All Racists!" - UPDATED!

Griff Jenkins interviewed Jeneane Garofalo on the street, and I just caught the clips at O'Reilly Factor and Hannity. This snippet of Garofalo's defiant refusal to apologize doesn't quite capture it: Jenkins asked if she wanted to take back her attack on tea partyers as racist. Garofalo got her face right in the camera and announced, "No, they're all racists." Well, that includes me and my 13 year-old son! I mean it, really, truly, when I say this is an awful, hateful, and disgusting woman. And to think she's a major spokeswoman for the left. I won't be holding my breath for anti-Garofalo protests any time soon!


UPDATE: Here's the video from Hannity's show, care of HotAirPundit:


Denise-Mary said...

I DESPISE this woman as much as I adore Bachmann. Interesting that you placed the interviews back-to-back:)

AmPowerBlog said...

I'm with you, Denise-Mary!

Herbert said...

She makes the comment "if we don't see the racism.. We must be in deep denial..". Seems to me that she is in denial about her poorly thought out statements.. Her body language tells me that deep down inside she understands what kind of hole her statement has within it; but she simply will not let go of her pride and arrogance to reconcile it with truth. What a shame.. And an example of the far left status quo..

Bob said...

Why does anyone care what this bitch thinks? It’s just like Jenkins said; people like her are never going to be happy no matter what.

BreakRoomLive said...

Janeane Garofalo's response after Fox News confronted her about calling Tea Party Protesters racists:

Dave said...

Garofalo is a typical lefty. Anything said by a white person that is in any way critical of a black person is automatically racist.

Garofalo is merely parroting the exact same message the dimlibs and their MSM dog-washers have been delivering to the American people since the very first tea party took place.

I mean, how dare we white people criticize the Obamessiah?

Apparently, we of the white persuasion are supposed to just stand idly by and remain stone silent while this man rapidly sets about dismantling the greatest economic system the world has ever known, and replaces with the most oppressive, inhumane, dignity-robbing, and most murderous form of government the world has yet seen.

I'm sorry, but I reserve the right to say anything I want about this fraud of a POTUS.