Monday, May 11, 2009

Topless Pics of Miss Rhode Island No Big Deal for Leftist Media

Via Memeorandum, here's Fox News on Alysha Castonguay, "Pageant Double Standard? Steamy Photos of Miss Rhode Island Won't Threaten Her Crown":

While racy photos of Miss California Carrie Prejean could cost the outspoken first runner up in the Miss USA pageant her crown, pageant officials don't seem to care about even steamier photos of Miss Rhode Island that appeared in a men’s magazine.

So is Prejean being targeted simply for her beliefs?

As Prejean has kept busy making appearances with groups opposed to same-sex marriage, officials at the Miss California USA organization have been investigating whether she violated her contract by failing to reveal that she had posed in her underwear as a teenager.

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Obviously, the hypocrisy on Alysha Castonguay is choice "Rule 5" scandal material.


Dennis said...

Vanessa, Oh... you could see her, how was it you put it, boobs. Time for all good leftists to go prude and talk about hypocrisy, but alas nothing to gain politically.

Tom the Redhunter said...

What's interesting is that during the campaign both Barack Obama and Joe Biden said they were against gay marriage (google if you don't believe me).

So why doesn't the left go after them? Answer; everyone knows they're lying.

Anonymous said...


Comprehension is not your thing is it?

Actually Maxim isn't a porn magazine, but thats not even the point. Carie Prejean came off as I'm a good Christian and all my beliefs are correct. I didn't like the way she was going about things. And I didn't like how some where calling her a genius for not really sounding that bright at all.

Now I know there are contracts they sign. If she broke the rules too then she should be held accountable. Like I said she posed for Maxim which is a magazine that I don't think is considered porn.

Now I was done with all this, but you had to bring my name into.

So I will repeat again. Dennis... are you listening??? Its Carie Prejean I don't like. Not becasue she thinks gays shouldn't be allowed to marry.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

and you got a rule 5 bonus as well.

double standard anyone?

Dennis said...

Sorry Venessa, but you are defining Christians and Christianity by your own view of what you think. What Christian is she, a Fundamentalist, a Baptist, a Methodist, et al?
What do you know of her intelligence? This is just typical drivel. Typical Leftist drivel to hide the inherent bigotry towards someone. As you state, "It is Carrie Prejean I do not like her. At least that last statement gets to the nub of your real reasons. By the way where did she even come across as saying all my beliefs are correct?
And Yes Vanessa comprehension is my thing especially when it comes to real hypocrisy. Not once in your reply did you refer to her "boobs" except to provide an excuse for appearing in MAXIM. My what a break you give to MAXIM. One wonders why?

DennisVanessa, said...

Interestingly I started with a little playful banter with you and the first thing you did was attack me. This tells me a lot about you. Thanks for the insight.
We have our landscape person out cleaning up some dead leaves, et al and I walk outside to see my wife out there helping him so I ask Alan, "How much are you paying her?" They both laugh and take it for what it is.
I am in a store with my wife this weekend and this nice young lady comes up to me with this bright sunny attitude and ask me , How are you doing today." I respond back with the same bright sunny attitude and she playfully responds, Are you mocking me?" I state that, "I love the way your eyes shine when you smile." She laughs and goes about her business. She takes it for what it is.
There is nothing more joyful than a beautiful smile that has a real glow to it. And it, for me, is even more pleasurable when it comes from a beautiful woman that exhibits that beauty both on the inside and the outside.
In the above is a number of lessons about life which I suspect you will never fully comprehend, as your actions and comments have demonstrated.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dennis,

You told be to get a life. That was the first thing you ever said to me. thats not playful thats not funny. You were trying to get things going.

Yes I do not like her. Like many Christains they preach and do what they (under their own belifs)shouldn't be doing. Yes Christians have rules. I believe in God I believe in Jesus so yes I am a Christian. I can get into that more if you need.

Again I was done with all of this untill you felt the need to mention my name again. I stand by what I said and what I say.

And the "rule breaker" kept her crown so there you go, And I'll repeat. She didn't break any rule because she thinks gays shouln't be mariied, but becasue she tried her hand in porn and I believe she is not following her obligations either.

So Dennis. people will do things we will not like and we will not like everyone. I don't wish bodily harm to her. I just dislike her attitude and how she has handled this. You believe this makes be a horribale person thats your right. But guess what? That makes you a hyprocrite like everyone else. A country full of them. Its what we do