Monday, July 13, 2009

America's First Anti-American President

Dan Riehl makes a point - an excellent point - that's not unfamiliar to readers of this blog, "Obama: The First Anti-American President:
The need to continue to dance around it is growing silly. Obama is Jimmy Carter on steroids, without the homespun Southern meme. From traditional American economics, to our traditional role in world affairs, Obama is not a fan of a traditionally American worldview. He's the anti-Reagan, in that sense. And only fear of being politically incorrect prevents more people from saying it.

Liz Cheney calls him out on his latest episode of undermining America in the world's eyes, because Obama sees America as just another country, with no special place in world history. He is a revisionist in the broadest sense. Don't look for it to stop anytime soon. From undermining the nation economically - to militarily and morally, his new vision for America is increasingly clear with each passing day. He seeks to re-invent us as less than what we are because, to his Leftist mind, it's somehow more.
Dan's Liz Cheney link is here: "Obama Rewrites the Cold War: The President has a duty to stand up to the lies of our enemies."

It's worth a look.


Grizzly Mama said...

People are only just beginning to realize this?

theCL said...

We've known this from the beginning, and it's troubling too. He loves him some foreign dictator, but our peacful allies? Not so much.

This is why those "trivial" things during the campaign, like his communist past, organizing, Ayers, ACORN, his trip to Kenya, and yes, his birth certificate ... were in truth, very important issues!

I've said this all along, and I'll say it again. This wasn't just another election. This was a coup!

Dave said...

"I've said this all along, and I'll say it again. This wasn't just another election. This was a coup!"

Exactly, and if the people of this nation don't soon put down their People Magazines and turn of their idiot boxes, it is is going to be a damned successful coup.