Friday, July 17, 2009

Tea Party Protests Today! - UPDATED!! Vladimir Lenin Confirms Obama's Bolshevik Creds!

Okay, I'm out the door this minute to go protest Obamacare at Representative Loretta Sanchez's office in Garden Grove. I'll have a report with some roundups from around the nation later today.

Here's a local story from Georgia's, Newnan Times-Herald, "Tea Party Protests Today Over Health Care Proposals."

The Tea Party movement continues today with "health care freedom parties" being held outside the offices of senators and congressmen all over the nation.

In Coweta, plans include a mini-tea party outside the office of Congressman Lynn Westmoreland. It will be from noon to 1 p.m. at Westmoreland's district office, located in the White Oak Professional Center on Highway 34 East.

"Our focus is on nationalized health care, and expressing that we do not want a nationalized health care system," said Wendy Bloedt, local coordinator for the newly-renamed Southern Crescent Tea Party Patriots.

For legislators who have come out against the plans for "health care reform," such as Westmoreland, "it is also an opportunity for us to go out and thank them for listening and voting the way their constituents" want them to vote, Bloedt said.

Bloedt also plans to present Westmoreland's staff with a copy of the Constitution, and the pledge signed by people at the July 4 tea party event in Peachtree City. Attendees pledged they would read the Constitution in its entirety.

Another local story is at Pennsylvania's, Williamsport Sun Gazette, "Tea Party Gears Up for August."

Also, from Fox News Austin, "Tea Party Protests: Health Care Plan."

Check and, for more information. Here's a local link from my area, "Calling All Minutemen Tea Party'ers!! - Nation-Wide Protest."

Check later at
Instapundit. He'll no doubt have reader-updates from tea party patriots across the country.

Photo Credit: From my coverage of the local May 1st protest, "
Pasadena "May Day! May Day!" Anti-Socialism Rally"


UPDATE: Removed original picture from the post. Anonymous, in the comments, suggested that the photo featured a misattributed quote. No problem. Notice the new picture above. Vladimir Lenin was on hand. The founder of Russian Bolshevism affirmed that indeed President Obama's governing program is becoming big enough to take away everything that you have.


Unknown said...

Well Professor will you look at how crazy and dangerous those "far-right winging" teabaggers are? And who is this Thomas Jefferson guy they are quoting. He sounds like some small government nut-job.

God, we need to put these people in a camp out in the middle of the desert so they don't hurt anyone with their keep your money rhetoric.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Send them to Las Vegas please, then I can have my conservative state back!

Anonymous said...

Hate to pop your tea bag, but Thomas Jefferson NEVER said this. This quotation is actually from Gerald Ford's August 12th, 1974 address to Congress.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

So does that make the quote false?

Law and Order Teacher said...

As much as you may hate it, TJ was a small government guy as was his protege James Madison. In 1816, Madison vetoed the American System, using federal money to build infrastructure, on the grounds that it was unconstitutional. Gee, what does he know about the constitution?

Jefferson constantly railed against the power of a central government out of control. He was the author of the phrase "alter or abolish" in the Declaration of Independence, in reference to a government that doesn't protect the rights of the people.

I know you may hate it, but it is what it is.

Obi's Sister said...

That little Newnan paper is always a good source. Funny thing about Georgia reporting - if you want to read up on crime in Atlanta check out the Augusta and Columbus papers/websites. They cover what the AJC chooses not to cover.