Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rallypalooza! West Chester, Pennsylvania

From Skye at Midnight Blue, "West Chester Rallypalooza!":

See also, Kenneth G. Davenport, "Call Congress! Your voice matters! The Time to Act is NOW!."

Also, PoliGazette, "Anti-Obamacare Protesters Take the Streets, Democrats Panic."

Related: From Jennifer Rubin at Pajamas Media, "Code Blue! Health Care Reform May Be Dying." And, Noah Johns, "True Role of Government."


Grizzly Mama said...

Hi Donald - your posts have inspired me to finally write to my representatives. I have been sort of paralyzed by the thought of it all. I can't believe they're trying to push this nationalized healthcare thing through - can't believe that they pushed that bogus 'stimulus' bill through. It's all happening so fast, and I believe they know that the bloom is coming off the rose. The dems know that their window of opportunity is closing and will try to ram through as much as they possibly can before the entire nation goes ballistic on them.

Well - in spite of the fact that I am unfortunate enough to be represented by that slimeball Specter (who, BTW, the RNC endorsed over Toomey in his last election - damn them to hell!), I wrote the communication. It is done. My opinion is out there, whether they like it or not. I have it up on my blog. I hope that EVERYONE writes to their representatives. They need to hear from us.