Monday, July 20, 2009

Blog Traffic and the Erin Andrews Nude Video Controversy

Monday morning Internet surfers are burning up the pipelines trying to get a glimpse of the Erin Andrews nude video. Bing and Yahoo are currently sending me loads of traffic. Alta Vista and Dogpile are also sending the occasional visitor. There's no "Google-bomb," however, as I mentioned last night at my post, "Voyeur Demand for Erin Andrews Story." Google has altered the algorithm to limit Internet searches for the video.

But for a clue as to what's driving the traffic, check the
comments at "SBR Forum":
Totally awesome! Whoever shot this video is a HERO! Andrews' lawyer issued a statement yesterday CONFIRMING IT IS HER! I bet you he's the one who shot it.

Whoever did shoot this has some no-nonsense skills, he obviously knows how to get in, position himself WELL, get the shot, and escape like a pro, completely undetected. They'll never catch him, he's obviously 5 steps ahead of them. Next up, he should get the entire female wing of the Palin family.

Nickel - I believe that the privacy of ugly women should be sacred, and indeed, it still is. This video does cross the line - INTO PURE AWESOMENESS AND VICTORY BABY! Score one for the home team on this one baby!

Now, recall the original reason for the initial post post was to test Robert Stacy McCain's Hot Babes Google Bomb theory. Well it turns out that Stacy's reached a new milestone, "TWO MILLION VISITORS!" And as he notes at the post:

We must therefore begin by thanking Carrie Prejean nude ...

Read the whole thing for context.

There are clear differences between the Erin Andrews and Carrie Prejean stories (Erin Andrews was stalked and violated; Carrie Prejean gave consent). But as far as Internet traffic goes, for the raging testosterone driven sports-jock, both episodes were "victories for the home team"!

On that point, don't miss, "Erin Andrews Peephole Video: The Allure of a Female Sportscaster."

Also, a word of warning, from USA Today, "Erin Andrews Hotel Tape Being Used to Spread Computer Virus."

See also Memeorandum. For my response to critics, see the original post, "Nude Video of Erin Andrews!"


RaDena said...

Hi Donald!

Methinks I'm the wrong sex to give a hoot about nude videos of females. Actually, I don't give a hoot about nude videos of males either. I think people leaving something to the imagination is much sexier. :)

AmPowerBlog said...

It's okay, RaDena! Thanks for visiting!

Dana said...

Serious question: Using your "Rule 5," and the added traffic you received due to the violation video of Miss Andrews, did your added traffic translate into added advertising revenue, or into added reader participation in the erstwhile reason for American Power, discussion of political issues from a neo-conservative perspective?