Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Update on Sarah Palin's ‘Cap and Tax Dead End’

I predicted it last night, at my comment, "'The Writer, a Republican, is Governor of Alaska'."

Sarah Palin's Washington Post op-ed, "
The ‘Cap and Tax’ Dead End," was indeed "Memeorandum's lead story" throughout the afternoon.

Lots of folks from both sides are blogging. See, for example, Ed Morrissey, "
Palin on Cap-and-Trade: Job-killer."

And So it Goes in Shreveport, The Daley Gator, Gateway Pundit, Moe Lane, PoliGazette, Stop The ACLU, and Wake up America.

And on cue, leftist Ezra Kein goes after Governor Palin, "
Sarah Palin: One of Us":

It's probably a bit kind to say that Sarah Palin "wrote" this. There are no words in all capital letters. There are no sports metaphors. There is nothing at all like "*((Gotta put First Things First))*." The stylistic and grammatical tics on display in last week's speech are totally absent. Sarah Palin signed her name to this. Or at least let someone else do so ...

You could no more argue with this op-ed than you could drive a car made out of candy.

Actually, 2004 Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry would beg to differ, "What Gov. Palin Forgot." There's a load of additional left-wing commentary at Memeorandum.