Monday, July 13, 2009

'The Writer, a Republican, is Governor of Alaska'

That's got to be the most ridiculously understated author's information line ever!

It identifies (the world famous) Sarah Palin, for her essay at Tuesday's Washington Post, "
The 'Cap and Tax' Dead End."

I'm actually kind of impressed at how fast Palin's coming out of the gate. Remember my earlier essay, "
Can Palin Win the 2012 GOP Nomination?" My recommendations included developing her policy expertise:

On policy knowledge, Palin needs to write her tell-all book from the 2008 campaign. She'll need to begin a wonkish speaking tour on her specialties of energy, the environment, and free-market economics.
Some wonkish op-eds can't hurt either. And let there be no doubt: This essay is the foundational plank of Governor Palin's 2012 nomination bid. She hits all the right notes, on energy independence and then some. Just the mention of "the resources that God created right underfoot" here in America will enrage secular collectivists from coast to coast.

There's a few pieces up at
Memeorandum right now (and Macsmind is the only conservative at the moment). But by tomorrow afternoon I'll bet the Palin piece willl be Memeorandum's lead story.

Buckle up for yet another round of PDS.


smitty1e said...

I'm torn between interest in seeing a cage match between the two, and disinterest in seeing the POTUS get pummeled by a girl.

EDGE said...


Couldn't they have mentioned anything about running for VP in 2008?

Dennis said...

I do not remember whether I wrote here or on NEO.... that most people were not looking at the positives that Palin garnered by resigning as Governor of Alaska. I do not think the Left will be very happy in the end, but they never have been very good at extrapolating ideas to their ultimate conclusion.
In the end Palin will gain a "teflon" kind of protection, much like Reagan, provided by the Left's constant demagoguery and crying wolf.
Almost no one will believe them as their major sources of communication lose credibility and all they have left is name calling. The left can whine all they want, but they will have created their on downfall and made Palin a HERO for standing against them.