Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Backlash Against Obama-is-Racist Meme

I don't know if this will help my blog rankings (not that it matters), but Peter Daou gives me a top-entry citation at his essay at the Huffington Post, "Right Wing Attacks Collide: 'Racist' Obama Using Health Reform for Reparations :

In the swirling mass of news coverage and opinion-making on the issues of the day (Gates arrest, health care reform, birthers, etc.) we're seeing the convergence of various anti-Obama attack lines. In addition to the racial undertones of the birther movement, one theme gaining traction on the right in light of the Gates arrest is that Obama is racist:

here, here, and here.

And most notably, here:

The rest of Peter Dauo's post is here.

See also Memeorandum. There's a thread going for this entry: "Fox News Legal Analyst Sides With Professor Gates."


Unknown said...

Glenn's the man

Dave said...

What concerns me far more than Obama's apparent racism is his thinly-veiled hatred for America.


Destin Real Estate said...

Re: Imppaled--

Beck is a vile media whore being paid to foment right-wing hatred toward minorities and all who are not of the christian white-is-right ideology.

Re: Dave--
From the beginning, America has and always has been a country of varied raced immigrants.
What is concerning is the narrow-minded, unthinking cohort of your ilk who somehow believe that "America" is a country reserved exclusively for only one particular race and ideology--white-right-fundamental "christians".