Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dropping Public Support for Obamacare

From the Wall Street Journal, "Support Slips for Health Plan: Obama Push Faces Growing Doubts in Poll; Overhaul Advances in House, Senate" (via Memeorandum):

Support for President Barack Obama's health-care effort has declined over the past five weeks, particularly among those who already have insurance, a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found, amid prolonged debate over costs and quality of care.

In mid-June, respondents were evenly divided when asked whether they thought Mr. Obama's health plan was a good or bad idea. In the new poll, conducted July 24-27, 42% called it a bad idea while 36% said it was a good idea.

Among those with private insurance, the proportion calling the plan a bad idea rose to 47% from 37%.

Declining popularity of the health-care overhaul reflects rising anxiety over the federal budget deficit and congressional debate over the most contentious aspects of the legislation, including how to pay for it. The poll also shows concern over the role of government in determining personal medical decisions.
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Americans Least Confident That Reform Will Benefit Them Personally

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