Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bill Maher Reminds Me Why I Don't Like Bill Maher

Hey, hats off to Wolf Blitzer, who focused on Bill Maher's America as "stupid country" remark in this interview yesterday,"Bill Maher: U.S. Stupid If It Can Elect Sarah Palin":

Here's the comment at Freedom Eden, "Bill Maher: America is Stupid":
Bill Maher is trashing America again.

It's as if the only way he thinks he can appear relevant is by making inflammatory statements.

He's right in a way. He doesn't get attention unless he's saying something outrageous.

I think Maher does it to survive, to make a buck, because he's not funny anymore.

Talking to CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Maher delivered his latest desperate attempt to get noticed.

Hat Tip: Freedom Eden.


SirRuncibleSpoon said...

A good case can be made for the stupidity of people in general, be they Americans, Eskimos or Chinese. Our behaviors and choices make us easy targets. Lots of us deserve a swift rebuke and a pointed comeuppance for how we’ve squandered the gift of life choice by foolish choice.

That said, daring to assume that one is the Designated Rebuker and Deliverer of Comeuppance stands as one of the most glaringly stupid things many of us do when given the chance. Arrogance and opportunity and a fluid mind have vested Bill Maher with such delusions of superiority. These three have removed any chance that humility might lighten his exaggerated sense of importance.

Gratuitous displays of arrogance, mockery and condescension render much of what liberals/progressives/closet-socialists-and worse propose for our own good as unpalatable and suspect from the very start. Those of us with a healthy respect for human fallibility just KNOW that we don't want such arrogant ideologues in charge of our lives, whatever the content of their ideas.

America, in the final analysis, is not THAT stupid!