Wednesday, July 15, 2009

McCain Family Feud

Robert Stacy McCain says "she's kinfolk," then proceeds to wallop Meghan McCain with surprising brutality:
A reasonably attractive young gay man has no problem getting with two or three guys a night. And that's if he's really picky. (Read And The Band Played On, by Randy Shilts.) So when some lonely, frustrated woman wants to hang around with gay guys because it's the only male companionship she can get, she is recognized for the truly pathetic loser she is.
Meghan McCain says she likes hanging with gay guys. But is a guy gay if he likes hanging with betties? And as you can tell from the block-quote above, "The Other McCain" handles your queries with an amazingly intimate familiarity with same-sex culture! NTTAWWT!!

Check out her interview with Jamie Kirchik at Out Magazine, "
Meghan McCain Will Be Heard." I wanted to embed the video anyway, so this is a chance to link to the piece (at Memeorandum too).


Dave C said...

"Meghan McCain Will Be Heard."

Please, no.

theCL said...

Give it 5 years ...

The Leftist-tabloids will have grown tired of her, thus stoping coverage of every stupid thing she says. Still desperatley searching for popularity, McCain will do a reality show with Pauly Shore and Jeanine Garafalo, followed by a Playboy spread showing her big boobs.