Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ordinary Cowardice at Ordinary Gentlemen

It's getting really pathetic.

I've been keeping my responses in the Erin Andrews backlash to a minimum. I'm hanging back right now, preparing the publication here of a bombshell exposé that's going to reveal
Cassandra, Joy McCann, and Dan Riehl for the lying weasels they are. (Laying down the dirty hypocrisy on these freaks is going to rock the blogosphere.) But in the meanwhile I'm seriously getting a kick out of Ordinary Dave's response to Robert Stacy McCain's delicate blogospheric diplomacy:

From Ordinary Gentlemen, "
You’re Surprised?":

Stacy McCain:
With all the humor I could muster, I’ve tried to broker peace. Now, however, the pilots have been scrambled, the jets are fueled and fully armed, and if a stand-down order is not issued soon, I cannot be responsible for the thermonuclear consequences.
With all due respect, you did not try to broker peace. You engaged in an exercise of futility. Those of us who know who you are speaking of know this and know that the individual in question was not going to stand down. Rather than calling him a “good guy”, you should have turned up the heat and called him out for the son of a bitch that he is. Had you done that, I bet he’d have turned on you and you’d see the same nonsense we see here at OG or people like Little Miss Attilla, Cynthia Yockey and Cassandra see.

Maybe I’m not as nice a guy as you, but I know a bad situation when I see it and know when to cut my losses when the other side is being completely unreasonable . When someone digs a hole that deep while causing all sorts of collateral damage to a cause that many people deeply care about, I don’t waste time pontificating about Animal House and inside jokes. I fill in the hole burying whatever is in it and making sure that sort of nonsense never sees the light of day again. It’s that simple.
What's hilarious is Dave provides more evidence that I'm the blogger whose name shall never be uttered at Ordinary Gentlemen. And my crime? Not one of those mofos can survive a debate with me, and they certainly can't get next to me in the integrity department.

Mark Thompson's still mad that I called him out for
cheering Hamas' rationality in the Gaza incursion episode last December.

And E.D. Kain has yet to come clean on his dirty decision to pull the plug on his neoconservative blog,

You're a loser, Dave. I'm sorry it's come to this, especially after my support for you when you lost your baby to miscarriage. You're now getting in bed with losers in criticizing Robert Stacy McCain. It's cool, though: Another blogger down. Only the whole Internet left to defeat and I'll finally claim the highly coveting belt of the de-linked champion fighter of the world!


Stogie said...

Donald, you are really burning your bridges here and are behaving in a self-destructive way.

You were wrong to post that first article about Erin Andrews and you got called on the carpet for it, and justifiably so. We all make mistakes, we are all human. Learn from it and go on.

The angry, defensive, circle-the-wagons Donald is not the Donald that I know. I hope you can get control of this situation before any more damage is created.