Monday, July 20, 2009

Leftists Respond to Collapse of Obamacare

From Steve Benen, on Senator Mitch McConnell speaking on Obamacare on yesterday's Meet the Press:
... McConnell continues to think the system is, at its core, fine. A few tax cuts here, a few tax cuts there, throw in some restrictions on lawsuits, and voila, problem solved. There's no need for major change, when some tinkering will get the job done.
Also, at Fox News, "Deficits, Taxes and Time Appear to Doom Health Care Reforms."

In response to that piece,
Down With Tyranny quotes Digby:
The right are radical authoritarian Nazi types and the left are radical progressives who want to change the system in favor of the hoi polloi. These so-called centrists are actually conservatives who maintain the status quo -- which always works in favor of the moneyed interests.

The only time we even get a chance to move forward is when these people fuck things up so badly that there is simply no choice but to change something and then it's usually a battle between us and the Nazis for who gets a turn at the table.

It's no way to run a country.
Hmm ... I wonder how Digby responds to this: "Poll Shows Obama Slipping on Key Issues: Approval Rating on Health Care Falls Below 50 Percent."

Also, from William Kristol, "
Kristol: Kill It, and Start Over." (Via Memorandum).

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shoprat said...

It's good news when these left-wing idiots are complaining because it means the good guys are gaining on them. And they keep repeating the totally false mantra of conservative = Nazi when Hitler was a Socialist, in spite of the meaningless screams of the left that it ain't so!

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks for visiting, Shoprat!

Dave said...

McConnell is right.

There is no need to blow up the building to fix a leak in the roof.


Dan Nexon said...

If you look at the internals of the poll, some of the drop off comes from people who think he's not doing enough.

I would be very surprised if health-care reform didn't split the country; that tends to happen when you've got one side relentlessly criticizing (rightly or wrongly) a particular plan. We saw that in 1994, we're seeing it in 2009.

Shoprat: Hitler was not a socialist, contra a series of recent bad books, but nor are conservatives in this country Nazis.

I obviously disagree on the merits. The health care system in this country is in meltdown, with all of the gains against health-care inflation of the early 1990s now completely dead, insurance companies jacking rates while showing increasing profits, and cost/care ratios looking worse than in many countries with single-payer and/or socialized health care systems. That doesn't mean the health care program currently making its way through the House and Senate (which is similar to, but not identical with, the plan Obama proposed during the campaign) is a good idea. But we can't hide our heads in the sand on the state of the health-care system.

Anonymous said...

Ever since the Clinton administration sent health insurance costs soaring with government mandates, the democrats have lost all credibility on the "cost savings" issue.

Kill this POS bill now!