Sunday, July 19, 2009

Private Bowe Bergdahl in Taliban Captivity (VIDEO)

From Jawa Report, "Video: Pvt. Bowe Bergdahl Full Hostage Video":

Here is the entire video showing Private Bowe Berdahl in Taliban captivity. The Taliban have threatened to murder him if the U.S. does not leave Afghanistan ....

This video reminds me why I began to blog in the first place. I want these Taliban dead. Killed. Annihilated.
Read the whole thing, here.

And thanks Rusty!

See also, Flopping Aces, "
Taliban Releases Propaganda Video of Captured U.S. Soldier." And Fox News, "Soldier Held in Afghanistan Identified as 23-Year-Old Idahoan."


Dave said...

Please pray for Pvt. Berdahl.

There is no telling what the 7th Century, barbaric Talibastards will do to this man.


Grizzly Mama said...

I can't watch it - it will make me cry. But I will pray for him.

I want these damn terrorists dead, too.

Anonymous said...

As a member of the US Army I am asking that you take this video off of your blog. I can assure you that the US Army and every other asset the US can provide is being exhausted to retrieve this soldier. I hope that he is returned as soon as humanly possible. This video may be beneficial for hits and make great conversation, but the fact of the matter is, it is propaganda. By showing it to a public audience you are supporting the agenda of the Taliban soldiers in charge of producing it. It is apparent that the "soldier" portrayed in the film has had no formal training in the matters that he is discussing. Regardless of the circumstances, held at gunpoint or otherwise, he appears to be in good health and spirits. Every soldier is in entitled to his or her own opinion about US policy and operations, but as a sworn member of the US military he waived his rights to freely discuss them in this setting. He has violated many of the laws and oaths that make him a member of the greatest military in the world. I ask again, please remove this video from your blog. It has served its purpose and is merely damaging world opinion more than it already has. Thanks.

-- A concerned US Soldier.

AmPowerBlog said...

Anonymous ...

More video available on YouTube.

Taking down the video capitulates to the terrorists.

"This video reminds me why I began to blog in the first place. I want these Taliban dead. Killed."