Sunday, July 19, 2009

Conservatives, Libertarians, and Republicans

From Bruce McQuain's thoughtful response to Melissa Clouthier (via Memeorandum):
The reason the GOP sucked so badly in the last election has absolutely nothing to do with Bob Barr and/or libertarians. It had to do with how poorly your party governed. Like most libertarians I haven’t voted for a Republican since Reagan. And frankly what happened to the size of government under Reagan is one reason why. Bush compounded the problem (Medicare Part D? “No Child Left Behind”?) and the eternally squishy McCain promised more of the same.
Melissa's original post is here, "How Can You Claim Moral Superiority Voting For Bob Barr?–UPDATED."

I'm trying to go easy on the debates with those on the right, LOL! (Speaking of which, how does a libertarian react to

But really, how far does one have to go to the right to wind up with hardline right-wing extremists, or even on the other side?

Bob Barr is a former top member of the Republican Party, and last year he unequivocally denounced any ties between libertarians and extremists, particularly the racist Stormfront organization. (See, "
Bob Barr to Stormfront: Drop Dead.") Barr also distanced himself from the 9/11 truthers. Yet, it turns out Barr has collaborated with the ACLU, a communist-inspired, Jihad-defending, open-borders organization. (See, "ACLU Announces Collaboration With Rep. Bob Barr; Says Conservative Congressman Will Consult on Privacy Issues.")

See Glenn Beck's intervew with Barr,
here. And also, "Bob Barr, Born-Again Libertarian, Backsliding on Mass Immigration." More at Memeorandum.


smitty1e said...

How do you claim moral superiority for criticizing how _anyone_ voted?
I make it a point to criticize people who fail to participate.
Even for an Obama supporter, the best punctuation to offer is the question mark.
"OK, you've got your black President. How about that sunshine policy?"