Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jackson Addiction Followed Pepsi Accident in 1984: LAPD to Treat Death as a Homicide; Public 'Never Can Say Goodbye' to Jackson Tragedy!

There are some noteworthy Michael Jackson developments worth sharing.

First, US Weekly has a video teaser online, "
How Michael Jackson's Pill Addiction Began." But check out KABC-TV Los Angeles, "Jackson's Addiction Began After Accident." The video is intense. Jackson's head is completely engulfed by flames while filming the Pepsi ad. He jumps and twirls, with the last second or so showing sheer panic:

US Weekly reports that Jackson's drug addiction began after the shooting of his Pepsi commercial in 1984. has released footage of the Jackson's Pepsi commercial accident that was shot at the Shrine Auditorium on January. 27, 1984.

During the commercial shoot Jackson suffered from second and third-degree burns on his scalp and body after the pyrotechnics erupted too early. The King of Pop was unaware that his hair was on fire.

The singer was prescribed several medications and it was at this time that his addiction to painkillers and plastic surgery began, according to a source for US ....

Check Rolling Stone as well, "Michael Jackson Pepsi Ad Footage Unearthed From 1984 Shoot." And the Wall Street Journal, "When Michael Jackson’s Hair Caught Fire: A Legendary Ad Man’s Story."

Also, was Jackson murdered? The LAPD is upgrading its investigation to a homicide case. See Fox News, "Conflicting Reports Surface on Whether LAPD Will Treat Jackson Death as a Homicide."

Also, the Los Angeles Times takes a dishy angle, "
Who is Dr. Conrad Murray and What Does He Know About Michael Jackson's Death?" And TMZ, "LAPD Treating Jackson Death as Homicide." Plus, L.A. Examiner, "VIDEO: LaToya Jackson Says Michael Jackson Was Murdered by His Greedy Entourage."

Will the Michael Jackson story ever go away? Not as long as there's profit somewhere, for someone.

See, Tim Rutten, "
Too much Michael Jackson? Newspaper Editors and TV Producers Undercut the Value of Serious News Media When They Let Website Hits and Social Media Vollume Dictate Their Coverage." And, Project for Excellence in Journalism, "Media Swing from Protests in Iran to the Passing of the King of Pop." A Marxist take is at Chris Hedges, "The Man in the Mirror."

Well, what can you do? Jackson's still still popular: "
Michael Jackson Album Sales Highlight Physical, Digital Merits."

More here, Bill Wyman, "
The Tragedy of Michael Jackson: The Self-Proclaimed King of Pop Was Nobody's Victim."


outdoor lighting said...

It would be hard to be in the spot light like he was. It was probally one of his few outs in life.

Unknown said...

It was mentioned that it was an exploded lightbulb that caught his hair & ignited hairspray fixative. This burn looks nasty, bloody sore as well. Yea i've seen the video, its really sad to watch.I could only imagine the pain he went through
Releasing this videofilm is a bit off uh.? Kept by Pepsi.??? 'Wonder if they signed-off on it as destroyed.
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