Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Leftists Unhinged at Our Country Deserves Better PAC Advertisement

From Our Country Deserves Better PAC, it turns out that the radical lefties went berzerk over this ad buy:

Here's Daily Kos, "New Rightwing Ad Campaign To Suggest Obama is Like Hitler":

Also, check out:

* AlterNet, "Right-Wing Group Goes off the Deep End, Plans to Air Obama/ Hitler Ads."

*RightWingWatch, "
Obama Worse Than Hitler And Ahmadinejad."

* Salon, "
Conservative Group: Obama Equals Ahmadinejad."

* Raw Story, "
Group Plans to Launch Ads Comparing Obama to Hitler."

* Village Voice, "
Rightwing PAC: Obama = Hitler."
Not sure if No More Mister Nice Blog hopped on the bandwagon.

Meanwhile, President Obama continues his global apology tour, grinning, bowing and fistbumping murdering dictators from
Caracas to Tripoli to the West Bank.

See also, Neocon Express, "American Jewish 'Leaders' to Meet with the Israel-Hater in the White House That They Voted For," and Gateway Pundit, "Once Again ... Obama Batters US Allies & Uplifts Foes In Latest World Tour."


The Vegas Art Guy said...

What did you expect? Comparing people to Nazi Germany is normally the territory of the left, now that the light has been shined on them they don't like it much. Facts are a terrible thing to deal with sometimes...

Dave said...

When it comes to the left, the closer you get to the center of the target, the louder they screech.

This ad hit dead center of the bulls eye.


Anonymous said...

Of course they get crazy about it. They called President Bush a Fascist and while I do not agree with most of what he did in his last term, it is a misnomer. We all know that the further right you are the closer to Anarchy you are. That's the way the country was designed. To be as close to anarchy and still maintain order. The more regulation you have, the more government you have the closer to totalitarianism you are. Let them scream, it is high time we stood up.

Dave C said...

Good ad. I caught onto what it was saying right away.. unlike when I watched 'The Sixth Sense'.

Rich Casebolt said...

They are, what they fear.