Friday, September 18, 2009

Andrew Breitbart: CNN 'Despicable', 'More Videos to Come'

Care of Freedom's Lighthouse, "Andrew Breitbart Slams CNN for their ACORN Coverage; Tells Megyn Kelly 'There Are More Videos to Come'":

At the viddy, Breitbart says, "We set traps for ACORN. And every time the lied, and they went to the mainstream media to lie ..."

Great stuff.

Also, Voting Female, "
ABC CBS NBC – Kamikaze Media, Ignored Hurricane ACORN; not Your Grandfather’s Main Stream Media Anymore."

ADDED: From Big Government, MEDIA MATTERS: ‘On Fox, Breitbart bashes CNN’s ACORN coverage’." (Via Memeorandum.)


Average American said...

I would not be surprised if, on Jan 21th 2012, the newly installed (conservative) President of the U.S. bestows upon James O'Keefe, Hannah Giles, and Andrew Breitbart, the Presidents Freedom Medal. They deserve it and NObama should award it, but you know he won't! I had to laugh when Jon Stewart said that even he as a FAKE reporter was embarrassed because he got scooped by these two kids. The "real" reporters should all be ashamed of themselves and they also should be in the unemployment line!

dave in boca said...

Anyone familiar with the news business knows that Jonathan Klein at CNN is an ideological diehard. He's been trying to rein in Lou Dobbs for years, but Lou is his biggest ratings draw!

Sanchez is familiar to S. Florida types as an adrenalin freak on steroids and has no brains. Breitbart was great during the interview which I saw last nite and it's apparent that Brobambi and his crybabies in the WH are probably planning an agitprop campaign to discredit Fox, the only outlet that dares to question him closely.

The other nets keep lying about the Tea Party DC event and the ACORN bust should have made them think again, but predictably they are wedded to ideology, not reality.

In their agitprop world, they ironically call themselves "reality-based." Through a looking glass. Narcissistic morons, just like Dear Leader Brobambi who may be right now editing his own "Full Ginsberg" weekend, shot yesterday, in the Oval Office while the slavish nets wait outside for the final cut.

dave in boca said...

BTW, if you want a nice photo snap of the group psychosis the disinformation left is suffering from, go to and read the pitiful mewing of sadly distorted and skewed takes on reality---from agitpreppies who inform us that they are the "reality-based" community.

Through a Looking Glass.

And Narcissus fell into a pool and drowned while gazing at his own reflection.