Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Greenpeace Extremists Hang G-20 Banner From Pittsburgh Bridge

I don't love these guys, obviously, but they sure do makes a splash. From the Greenpeace website, "The World is Ready for a Strong Climate Treaty":

Greenpeace activists rappelled off of a Pittsburgh bridge with a massive banner displaying our message to G20 leaders gathering for tomorrow's summit. The banner takes the form of a stylized "road sign" that warns of the political maneuvering and delay that have put an international climate treaty in jeopardy as the world enters the final stretch on the road to Copenhagen.
What's even more interesting (troubling, actually) is why was Greenpeace able - given that the group's considered an eco-terrorist organization - to pull off this stunt when security was in high-alert mobilization in advance of this weekend's Pittsburgh Summit. As the Los Angeles Times notes:

The security here is tight, bordering on feeling like a military state. The city, which is paying to have thousands of additional police working this week, has stationed cop cars along each bridge and along the roadways leading into Pittsburgh’s riverfront downtown.
Not good. Just not good at all.

See, Marc Levin, "Terrorism in the Name of the Earth: Flush Out Eco-Terrorism Money."

Also, check out "
Why I Left Greenpeace," by Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace.

Added: From the Boston Globe:

The mood between police and the West End Bridge protesters was cordial. When a heavy shower moved through, one officer handed a rain slicker to a female activist. Many passing motorists reacted to the small-scale spectacle, some honking and others shouting. One yelled, "Cut the ropes!"


Skye said...

Okay, is this another example of Greenpeace's tactic to emotionalize and exaggerate the issue to sway people to think like they do?

Good read on this tactic:

Trish said...

Nice link Skye!

Grizzly Mama said...

Interesting. Wonder if the police would have been so cordial to anti AGW people if they would have shown up to hang a huge sign and rappell off of the bridge?

Dennis said...

I have to say that this just does not bother me because it is an expression of free speech. It will probably alienate far more people than it convinces.
The representatives at the G-20 will do what is in their interests as they see them and Greenpeace will have little or no affect.
As long as Greenpeace is pulling stunts like this they are not bothering others. It would be pretty poor planning if security had not taken in things like this and other attempts to disrupt.

Dave said...

The sign I saw there that said it all about these malcontent maggot leeches was one that said, "FREEDOM GO TO HELL."

Unfortunately, that is exactly where freedom is headed in this country today.