Monday, September 21, 2009

Obama on Letterman: 'I Was Actually Black Before the Election'

I have no plans to watch it, but folks might get a kick out of the video:

Also, at USA Today, "Obama to Dave: 'I Was Actually Black Before the Election'."


Rusty Walker said...

Obama is now disgusting to me. While I may be a Republican, I still gave him a chance. I was wrong. I thought he was sincere....different. What a disillusionment! And at my age! To me it is sad that this President of the United States, we might have been hopeful about, does the talk-show run. He is completely enamored with himself as an accepted member of the media/Hollywood set, convinced that his charm can win over the masses. He exceeds Jimmy Carter’s narcissistic self-delusion. Even Bill Clinton: our first black president, charming, and with all his faults, was determined to try to govern within the center realm to avoid the corruption of elitism. Obama has now lost my confidence on a level I never before experienced. I gave him, as many Americans did, a wide berth, to see if he was sincere, had a plan, worked a plan for results. Alas, he is an opportunist and is not interested in protecting our nation, our American economy or general welfare. He is a Chicago leftist, delusional Politian - special interests only. America is danger if we elect him again. It is this type of display that turns the average citizen, such as I am, away from politics.

Dave said...

Instead of watching the Comrade Chairman on Letterman (who hasn't been funny in two decades) I decided to watch lint accumulate in my belly button.

Did wonders for my blood pressure, too.