Sunday, September 20, 2009

Obama Paid $800,000 to ACORN Subsidiary - Media AWOL

Where is the media reporting on Citizens Services Inc., an ACORN front-group that received $800,000 from the Barack Obama campaign in 2008? See, "Obama to Amend Report on $800,000 in Spending." And from Flopping Aces, "Connecting the Insidious Obama and ACORN Nexus":

Barack Obama’s ties to ACORN (see Memeorandum) are not incidental nor are they casual ...

The money given to ACORN through one of its front companies–CSI–was not a simple clerical error. The Obama Presidential campaign deliberately tried to hide its relationship to ACORN and funneling almost $1 million dollars to ACORN by using a group with no experience doing the task that it was ostensibly hired to do. The story is pretty simple–it is about Citizen Services Inc., a Nigerian director of CSI [Citizens Services Inc.] living in Minnesota and false campaign financing report.

If you want to understand why ACORN offices across the country are able to give crafty advice on avoiding taxes, fooling the police and setting up child prostitution businesses then you must first understand why the campaign of Barack Obama gave almost $1 million to an organization with no track record in doing the electioneering work they were hired to do.

See the full report, here.

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The Vegas Art Guy said...

Let's hope the snowball continues.

shoprat said...

Of course telling the truth about them is racism.

richard mcenroe said...

I BEG your pardon. The media was certainly NOT AWOL. Why ABC's Charles Gibson is a member of the board, a compensated member, IIRC, of the nonprofit that helped launder the 800K to ACORN.

How much more on top of the story do you want them to be?