Monday, September 21, 2009

What is 'Extremist Rhetoric'?

Melissa Clouthier put up an interesting post this morning at Right Wing News: "Violence Serves The Left." But it wasn't the discussion of political violence that caught my attention (although Melissa's right to note the total hypocrisy in leftist slurs of tea-partiers as "violent" mobs). No, I really liked this section asking, "What is 'extremist rhetoric'":

What I wonder is this: What is “extremist rhetoric”? Ironically, almost anything Glenn Beck says is viewed as “extremist rhetoric”. In fact, anyone who disagrees with neo-liberal orthodoxy is considered an extremist.

Carrie Prejean? Extremist gay hater.

Glenn Beck? Extremist Obama hater.

Rush Limbaugh? Extremist race baiting hater.

Mark Steyn? Extremist Muslim hater.

Ann Coulter? Extremist self and women-hating hater.

Michelle Malkin? Extremist illegal alien hater.

Glenn Reynolds? Extremist Tea-Party loving hater.

When center-left Obama-voting Democrats like Ann Althouse are accused of hating, really who isn’t a hater?

I’m sick of the p.c. rhetoric police. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Michael Moore, and all the whacked out lefty pundits can say anything. The word is a tool and a sword. They wield it with impunity and want the conservatives to stay muzzled.

So, somewhere between psychotic, crazy loud-mouth libs and meek muzzled, passive, submissive conservatives there’s a balance. Incite violence? No. Stir to positive action, yes.

Yes, violence serves the Left. So does a silent majority. They’ve had it both ways for too long.
So true.

Melissa Clouthier's blog as well. Tonight's feature, "Breitbart: NEA Conference Call, Your Tax Dollars, And Artistic Coercion."


Dave said...

'Extremist Rhetoric'

1) anything said by a conservative with which a liberal does not agree.

Donald Borsch Jr. said...

Rock on, Donald! The thing is, as I'm sure you already know, that over half of this country is now part of the "extreme", thanks to the repeated yet impotent attacks of the LSM.
No worries. ACORN is going to take Obama down with it, and the LSM can't pin this one on us right-wingers. He brought this upon himself.