Saturday, September 19, 2009

Charles Blow: Top NYT Race-Baiter Decries Race-Baiting

I was going to say "chief" NYT race-baiter, but Charles Blow's still second fiddle to the heavies on the op-ed page, Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich. That said, the dude can get his race-baiting on. See, "Here We Go Again."

Race has become a vicious game of bludgeons and crutches, where acerbic accusers run roughshod over earnest egalitarians and political gain is sought even at the expense of enlightenment.
Blow then rattles off a bunch of survey evidence suggesting vestiges of racism, then continues:

Racism is real. It is very likely an element of some people’s opposition to President Obama, but everyone who wants smaller government is not a racist.

Let’s stop talking about racism as if it’s black or white. There are many shades of gray.
Blow's one of those guys who practually holds himself up as possessing the "Judgment of Solomon." Yet this is not an issue we can just cut down the middle to find out who's really genuine on race. When we have this many people at the demonstrations, there are bound to be some kooks. The Lyndon LaRouche Democrats fit that bill through August, although the left tried to turn these guys into Bircherite-Republicans. Now we have the idiots at Media Matters alleging that the current environment is analogous to 1963, when President Kennedy was assassinated (see, "Bloviating, Media Matters Style"). No matter that Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist who had visited the Soviet Union and married a Russian. Didn't fit the leftist meme, actually. But the left is all about historical revisionism in the monstrosity of a hegemonic takeover of state and society.

At the video above: "
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