Friday, September 25, 2009

From the G-20: Police Respond to Anarchy and Violence

Perhaps being nearly mowed down by loaded dumpsters (top) explains why cops aren't tolerating any violence by protesters (bottom):

See also, Kimberly Morin, "Comparing the Tea Parties to the G20 protests - The Violence, Destruction and Hypocrisy of the Left."


Anonymous said...

I guess their moms and dads never taught them how to behave. These morons got what they asked for:Attention. Their parents neglected them obviously.

Dennis said...

Though I do not like seeing people who are innocently operating their own businesses get hurt by these unthinking cretins, it is interesting that they do two things; 1) alienate large number of people and 2) make leftist look bad. Remove the damage done to others and on the whole this is why free speech is so important.
Sadly, most of these people cannot fathom that they want to trade, which they believe is, one set of privileged few with another set of privileged few who desire power at any cost and will destroy them as quickly as possible. Reality and how people really act never seems to occur to them.