Friday, September 18, 2009

Charles Johnson and Andrew Sullivan: American Power Called It!

I'm scooping AOSHQ by months!

Check out Ace's post, "Inevitable: True Conservative Andrew Sullivan Praises 'Continued Evolution of Charles Johnson'."

But from American Power back in May, "
Charles Johnson and Andrew Sullivan: Separated at Birth?":

And here's
Andrew Sullivan's fine words in praise of Little Green Footballs:

The pioneer of the anti-Jihadist blog, Little Green Footballs, is repulsed by some of the developments on the populist, racist right. He's right to be; and has the courage to say so. For that he is subjected to the usual mau-mauing. Check out his blog. It's an Yglesias Award in motion.
I think it's fair to say that LGF's now gone completely to the other side. Is there anyone out there still aguing to the contrary? LGF Founding Bloggers was quite fair to Charles in a post the other day, "LGF Delinks Pajamas Media!." And my friend Michael van der Galien has long resisted throwing Charles under the bus (see, "Civil War Raging in the Right-Wing Blogosphere") But hey, the evidence is pretty overwhelming by now. The dude's cracked.


Reliapundit said...

when cj attacked the copunter-jiahd in the ue i knerw he was nuts.

but he's still on our side in ww4.

just not our best ally.

as i used to tell cj:

fdr was allied with satlin tio defeat hitler; this was right.

so if the counter-jihad has unsavory allies in ww4, so what!?

even kasparov allies himself w/russia communist oarty against putin, and the russian commies are worse than any group in the counter-jihad.

cj is bad, but no worse than the bnp or vb.


AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Relia!