Friday, September 18, 2009

The Ideological Clarity of the Democratic Agenda

From John David Lewis, "Obama’s Atomic Bomb: The Ideological Clarity of the Democratic Agenda":

As the leader of the Democrats—the party that carries an historical reputation for expanding government power, higher taxes, and limitless spending—Obama reasserted and rejuvenated his party’s traditional commitment to the statist course. This commitment permeates his speeches. He regards businessmen not as valuable producers, but as conniving parasites who must be placed under comprehensive government controls, including a “czar” to approve executive pay. He expressed this desire in an angry rant against financial managers who received contracted bonuses.8 Obama regards doctors not as lifesavers, but as predators willing to sacrifice their patients to needless operations in order to get money.9 He regards the police who respond to reports of a burglary as cops who act “stupidly,” before the relevant facts are clear. He regards overseas regimes that have pledged to continue to attack the United States as deserving of apology. Meanwhile, he wants to prosecute American intelligence officers who used “harsh” interrogation techniques against enemies who have killed Americans. Obama and his administration are overtly and publicly committed to an ideologically radical leftist agenda.

Obama’s choice of advisors has helped to define his antibusiness agenda. He hired, for instance, John Holdren as his director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy. Holdren has expressed his views of industry in print since the 1970s: “A massive campaign must be launched to restore a high-quality environment in North America and to de-develop the United States.”10 Such views are consistent with a range of policies planned by the administration, from stringent business regulations being drafted by the Congress and Obama’s economic czars, to cap-and-trade legislation intended to strangle industry, to unremitting attempts to place the medical industry under comprehensive government control.

Such views permeate Obama’s rhetoric, which connects him in many people’s minds to the most radical (i.e., consistent) advocates of democratic socialism. Despite his attempts to appear moderate, the basic nature of his administration—its essential identity, purpose, and worldview—is becoming crystal clear. He is a leftist and a socialist on principle, who vilifies the free market, apologizes for his country before murderous foreign dictators, and finds salvation in ever-growing government power. Not all Americans see him this way, but the number is growing with his every word and deed.11

Obama, of course, does not intend to be clear about his socialist identity. He is trying to come across as a “reasonable,” moderate “centrist.” But his attempts to appeal to moderate voters are angering the hard left and alienating the independents. Meanwhile, an increasing number of astute American voters on the right are largely unmoved.12 Many people are seeing him as a skilled orator who is trying to save his agenda.
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Anonymous said...

Lascivious Vulgarians,

Among the pack of wheedling, braying jack-asses that is this sites regular contributors, there have always been those who seek to tell me how to run my business. Indeed, hardly a day goes by in which this strident horde of mewling, puking harpies offers their unwelcome opinions here on how to ‘right the ship’. Like many successful and wealthy plutocrats, I am sometimes asked by one or another of you god-damned sheep exactly what it is to which I credit my good fortune.

There is one quality I possess in spades which separates me from the misled cattle that is man-kind. But it is neither my low animal cunning, nor my ruth-less attitude. It is not even the fact that I was born into incredible wealth and privilege and raised in a stress-infused and Byzantine family before most of you were but a series of brutish animal impulses in your drunken grandfather’s pants-creases. What makes me a force to be reckoned with is my capacity to feel ever-present, mind-wracking, pants-shitting fear.

In the realm of business, it has been an unparalleled boon. Fear, after all, is at the root of hatred and anger, the two empire-building tools which have spurred me to fill my coffers to a state of absolute, unfettered corpulence. Like all good capitalists, I fear and despise competition and have therefore crushed whatever rivals poke their heads up.

I make a point of motivating every last one of my employees, from the scullery-maid to the previous President, with fear, as well as its constant companion, derision and threats. In fact, I believe that if you begin living your life in fear, you will be a better and more successful citizen. Is that enough of a cogent articulation so that the gaggle of you dullards are able to at least vaguely comprehend the primary point?

Uncle Sam esq. (Republican)