Monday, September 28, 2009

'Jesus Christ! Where'd You Get that Cadillac?'

Well, I've been so busy with the heavy political blogging and grassroots activism, I've neglected the "Lightening Up" entries on rock music and more. So, not wanting to let down my good friend Anton over at PA Pundits International, as well as my regular reader, Kreiz, please enjoy The Clash, "Brand New Cadillac":

The first video at top features The Clash live in 1983, from Devore, California. The event was the US Festival (commemorative website here). The Clash headlined the first night of a three-day gig. Opening bands that day, on May 28th, included INXS, Flock of Seagulls, and the Stray Cats. The second day, May 29th, was the hard-rock concert featuring lots of big acts, like Judas Priest, Ozzy Osborne, and Van Halen. I attended the third day of events, May 30th. What a rock spectacular! The lineup included U2, Missing Persons, Joe Walsh, Stevie Nicks, and David Bowie. (Also playing in the beer gardens was Los Lobos, just when they started to hit it big in Los Angeles.)

I was a Bowie freak at the time. "Let's Dance" had just come out and Bowie's career was in something of the "grand statesman's mode." Reaching a commercial pinnacle, he was happy and settling down after his sensational 1970s gender-bending turns ("Ziggy Stardust", etc.), and the drug-addled European-esque episodes of the 1980s ("Heroes," etc.). Some may recall that Stevie Ray Vaughn had played lead guitar on the studio album for "Let's Dance", but Vaughn didn't tour (there was a falling out with David, if I recall).

Anyway, I couldn't afford to attend all three days, although I'm still kicking myself for never having seen The Clash in concert - one of my favorite bands, and "Brand New Cadillac" one of my favorite songs. The studio version is at the second video above, an excellent homemade picture and video-clip collage.

Back online later tonight!

I gotta help my little one with his homework and do some MORE house cleaning - or my wife will have my neck for too much blogging! In the meanwhile, check out my good friends at Grandpa John's, Midnight Blue, Pat in Shreveport, Pelican Marsh, and Three Bears Later.


Chuck said...

I was at day two. In the navy stationed in Long Beach. One great time I can hardly remember.

Anton said...

David Bowie.
Made it big here in Oz with Space Oddity (Major Tom).
Then came Ziggy.
Little known is that he started Ian Hunter's meteor rising when Ian was with his first band Mott The Hoople.
Bowie gave Hunter and the band his song 'All The Young Dudes' for their first album in 1972. He also produced that first Mott The Hoople album, and played the saxes on some of the tracks, and backing vocals too.
That one song was huge here and is what got me into Bowie.

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Chuck!

LOL, I'm sure there're a few concerts I don't remember, but I'm I was pretty sober through most of this one.

Thanks for commenting.

AmPowerBlog said...

I do know that Ian Hunter history, since "All The Young Dudes" is a real cool song. I read a book or two about Bowie back then, and just listened to everything. Saw him in concert again in Irvine, California, in about '05. He's awesome!

MarySue said...

My husband and son both just read Passion is Fashion . They are both massive fans. I haven't read it yet though, the politics might kill it for me. I can avoid it and enjoy the music. Train in Vain is my favorite Clash song but Brand New Cadillac is up there along with most of London Calling

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks for the book tip, Mary Sue! And thanks for visiting!

kreiz1 said...

Donald, I have to confess that I'm clashless; they remain a mystery to me. "Rock the Casbah" was all that I knew, and I didn't get that. Bowie & Mott were great but I missed punk entirely. Too old & stranded in the midwest with disco dominating the airwaves.

"Brand New Cadillac" is a fine tune, but it reminds me that rock is eternally indebted to Chuck Berry, the Father of Three Chord Rock & Roll. At the end of the day, most rockers, in some form or another, try their best to be Chuck. But no one quite makes it.

AmPowerBlog said...

Hi Kreiz! I love Chuck Berry!

You know I grew up in SoCal, so there was no way to miss out on the punk craze.

Thanks for commenting!