Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yosi Sergant Out at NEA

At Big Government, "BREAKING: Yosi Sergant Resigns From NEA." Plus, from ABC News, "Yosi Sergant Resigns" (via Memeorandum). And from Moe Lane, "Breaking: Yosi Sergant Fired in NEA Payola Scandal":

The firing is not surprising, considering the way that Sergant was hung out to dry by his superiors. No word yet whether ACORN / Obama for America crony Buffy Wicks will suffer a similar sanction – or, indeed, any punishment at all for attempting to set up a shadow Ministry of Propaganda within the American governmental system.

It’s supposed to look ominous when written out like that. That’s because it is.
See also, Patrick Courrielche, "RESPONSE TO NEA CHAIRMAN’S STATEMENT: Throwing Yosi Sergant Under the Bus Isn’t an Answer."

Image Credit: LA Weekly, "
Kofie'One's Obama Mural."

See also, Keep Drafting, "
Barack Obama Mural":

‘HOPE’ Acrylic on 5 stretched 3′ x 5′ canvases. Commissioned by Yosi Sargent of Evolutionary Media Group to hang in Barack Obama’s Los Angeles Campaign Headquarters ...
Plus, more on Yosi Sargant at Gates of Vienna, "Be the Change."


Law and Order Teacher said...

I am appalled that I am forced to contribute to this propaganda arm of the Dems. I am an agency fee payer, but I will only get a small percentage of my misused dues back, but if I deprive them of one penny I feel better.

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Law and Order Teacher said...

I was attending to some family issues. My dad's death has hit us hard and we are still recovering. I'll be around. I read you everyday and still enjoy your site. It's the best for breaking news. See you.