Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Deliver Us Obama: Community Organizers Pray to President

From World Net Daily, a retrospective look at the ObamaMessiah: "Community Organizers 'Pray' to President: 'Hear Our Cry. Hear Our Cry. Deliver Us'." This creepshow is totally predictable. Recall the Oliphant cartoon from the campaign. The video's below, via Nice Deb. See also, Michelle Malkin, "Creepy O-cult Video of the Day: “Deliver Us, Obama!."

See also: Atlas Shrugs, The Blog Prof, Gateway Pundit, HotAirPundit, RedState, and Sundries Shack. (Via Memeorandum.)

Added: The Snooper Report, "Why Are the DEMOCRAT "Christians" Allowed to Combine Church and State?"


heidianne jackson said...

this is disgusting. this is awful. this is mind-boggling. pardon me if i don't genuflect.

DFS said...

They're saying "Deliver us, Oh God". Not "Obama". Listen to it without looking at the words.

Mark Harvey said...

Here's my take boss!


What's up with the Democrats doing the Church AND State deal IN SCHOOL?

Donald Borsch Jr. said...

Too far, too far...you freaks are going too far.

Surreal doesn't even begin to cover this.

Scott From South Cackalacky said...

Church of Obama???
Even the biggest Clinton or Bush koolaid drinkers weren't like this, folks! This is terrifying! However, Since they seem to be praying to Obama, wouldn't that be like a church? And if it is, wouldn't President Obama, as the spiritual leader of this church be in conflict with that so-called separation of church and state? Hmm....