Sunday, September 20, 2009

Obama's Watergate: Could ACORN Bring Down a President?

I kinda broached the possibility in one of my Glenn Beck entries the other day.

Could the ACORN scandal bring down the Obama administration? It's seems like small potatoes, really. ACORN's under the radar for most folks, but considering the importance of the group in the president's political ascendancy, yeah, it's pretty serious. And of course it's sweet to see the hard-left community organizers getting hammered. These folks are crooks and thugs, and Bertha Lewis is slapping down the race card like coins in a nickle slot-machine. Of course, ACORN's ties are clear to anyone's who's followed politics the last year-and-a-half. And things are getting hot at 1600 Pennsylvania, for sure, or we wouldn't be seeing the president lying like he was today (See, "
You Lie! ... President Obama: 'I Didn't Know ACORN Was Getting a Whole Lot of Funding'").

Thus I'm getting a kick out of Brian Leach's essay, "
Could ACORN become Obama’s Watergate?":

President Obama in his media blitz on September 20 claimed he wasn’t keeping up with the issue because more pressing matters were at hand. “You know, if – frankly, it’s not really something I’ve followed closely,” said Obama. “I didn’t even know that ACORN was getting a whole lot of federal money.”

Watch as Obama tries to distance himself from the ACORN group over the next few weeks. He cut ties to Reverend Wright when the association no longer was politically beneficial. But the fact remains that during the election campaign and before, Obama made repeated speeches to the group and even said he would consult with them on how to reorganize the country in 2007 ....
Read the whole thing.

What did Tricky Baracky know and when did he know it?

You heard it here first!


EDGE said...

That would be pretty cool to see Obama go down in would be great for 2010 too; maybe even get a few seats back. Of course Biden would be President. Pick your poison right?

Average American said...

Obama's Watergate: Could ACORN Bring Down a President?

We can dream can't we?

Benjamin Blattberg said...

What's your ideal future for America, professor? You want an America where the executive branch can wiretap and torture freely, but where poor people can't get advice?

dienw said...

No. Acorn will not bring down the Usurper: such requires the legacy media's co-operation; and it will not be forthcoming.

Dennis said...

Ben JB,
And your comments are important to the removal of a corrupt organization like ACORN? There are all kinds of groups in the US who would be far better at helping the poor and do it without the aid of government intervention. Since they are local they have a far better chance of seeing who really needs help and who is scamming the system.
It might be interesting if you put your money where your mouth is and stop trying to use someone else's money to feel good. Taking from others to feel good about yourself is called stealing. Using the government to do it is extortion. When leftists give even a tenth of what conservative give freely then you might have some standing.
I would have more respect for "bleeding heart liberals" if they were not so willing to aide others on someone else's own dime. I give time and money because I desire to help others. I do not expect to have the government decide for me what is important and what is not.
It is amazing to me that you think you have the right to use my hard earned money to feel good about yourself.

Benjamin Blattberg said...


Let's not make this personal over who gives more time/money to charity since we don't know each other personally.

That said, I agree with you that local needs are important to assess locally, and maybe ACORN's structure was not the best for that--so maybe we need different community organizers.

But read my post again: I'm not defending ACORN exactly, I'm merely asking Prof. Douglas a question, which I would extend to you:

There's a lot of excitement on the right about bringing down ACORN and that bringing down ACORN might bring down Pres. Obama. But what was ACORN's horrible crime? How much money did they divert?

By contrast, Prof. Douglas has always seemed to support Pres. Bush's power to wiretap and torture people without Congressional oversight.

I'm just curious where the line is, which is why I asked "What's your ideal future for America"? I could ask you the same, and I'd be very curious about the answer, but I'd really want an honest answer: do you want a nation that obeys the laws of the Old or New Testament? Do you want no taxes? I'm genuinely curious, Dennis.

Dave said...

It's a fun idea to kick around, but it will never happen.

The procedure itself would take from two to three years, and most likely could not be even started before the next congress is seated in 2011.

The SCM will do all it can to cover for him, and besides, he has that all-important "D" behind his name, and he is (half) black, to boot.

To most on the left, those last to items converge to create what is essentially a license to steal.