Sunday, September 27, 2009

The New York Times ACORN Cover-Up; or, How the Right-Roots Brings Down the Old Grey Lady

After reading Michelle Malkin's post, it just occurred to me that the utter hugeness of the ACORN scandal - which is turning into nothing less than Obama's Nixonian cover-up extravaganza - may well mean that the rightroots blogosphere will ultimately bring down the New York Times. Michelle's responding to Clark Hoyt's explanatory mea culpa for the Times' utter cluelessness, "Tuning In Too Late." See the responses at Memeorandum as well. The New York Times is still often referred to as America's "unofficial newspaper of record." But for most people, the partisan bias there is just intolerable. I wrote about this last fall during the campaign. We no longer have an independent press. See, "Obama's Media: The Return of the Partisan Press." Michelle also posts her article from last fall, and it's worth citing here just for the power of posterity: "What's Missing From the New York Times Coverage of ACORN."

Also, Anita MonCrief, who is discussed by Michelle above, has a new piece up at Big Government. See, "ACORN and SEIU: Anatomy of a Shakedown." Plus, check Memeorandum for the latest developments.