Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Obama Fiddles on Afghanistan

The main story's at the Wall Street Journal, "Pentagon Delays Troop Call." See also, Leslie Gelb, "Obama's Befuddling Afghan Policy: Why is the President Hesitating On More Troops to Fight His 'War of Necessity'?"

Victor Davis Hanson offers some strategic analysis on why things are going the way they are, "
Two-Front Wars — Theirs and Ours." And Bill Roggio reports on General Stanley McChrystal's threat to resign if the administration doesn't send more troops: "McChrystal to Resign If Not Given Resources for Afghanistan."

I don't have too much to add, except to say I'm not surprised. I was pleasantly surprised earlier this year when the administration pledged an additional 20 thousand troops to the deployment. I even gladly said at the time that I supported the administration (strange for someone like me who knows that Obama's an inveterate liar). But with Obama's wavering now, he's completing the ideological circle that has formed his radical platform. It's kind of a bait and switch concession to the antiwar activists, and no doubt many of them were just waiting for Obama to come around to their side in any case.

Dr. Sanity has the title piece this morning, "
Is President Postmodern about to take his eyes off the ball in Afghanistan? His indecision and waffling on the subject makes it seem like he is getting cold feet. Not to mention the absolute horror of a Democrat doing something that goes against the polls. Remember--because it's easy to forget--that Afghanistan was always the Democrats "good war"--i.e., a way they could pretend to be strong and tough on national defense... you know, without actually having to be strong or tough.
See also, PoliGazette, "Liberals’ New Obsession: Afghanistan." Plus, check Thunder Run for real stories from soldiers and families in the fight, "From the Front: 09/21/2009."

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Dennis said...


I know this is slightly off subject, but this is so powerful that I thought you would enjoy it.
The gentleman is thoughtful and his argumentation apt.


RaDena said...

According to what I posted this morning, Donald, there's a distinct possibility he may pull us out of Afghanistan altogether! At least he's thinking about it.

The guy is a total disaster!

AmPowerBlog said...

No problem, Dennis ....

AmPowerBlog said...

I'll check it out over at your place, RaDena!