Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mark Levin on Glenn Beck: 'Mindless', 'Incoherent' (AUDIO)

Not the most attactive YouTube, but it's worth a listen. Mark Levin's actually combining his own attack on John McCain with a condemnation of Glenn Beck's endorsement of "The One" over "The Maverick." Robert Stacy McCain's got a long but interesting analysis, plus more at Memeorandum:

See also, Right Wing Nut House, "IS GLENN BECK 'THE ENEMY'?"


Cargosquid said...

Not so much an endorsement as a recognition that McCain would have been an enabler of very liberal policies that the GOP would not have been "allowed" to criticize, whereas, if the GOP grew a spine, Obama can be attacked on policy. Assuming, of course, that the GOP actually IS the party of smaller government and more freedom.

Of course, Levin's attacks just hurt the entire cause of conservatism. While Levin, like Rush, influences people, he does not inspire them to get involved like Beck does.

dave in boca said...

[The Other] McCain's piece is good and it appears Beck is getting clobbered for ascending rapidly up the conservative hierarchy and getting monster numbers AND national recognition, unlike Mr. Levin, whose book is not attacked by the NYT or the left, just ignored, even though it is superb. Jealous, a little, Mark? Same with Rush? Or BOR, whom I don't watch any more.

Beck is mobilizing rather than looking down from a pedestal and ranting, which Mark does on his excellent radio show. His 5PM eyeball numberswere ginormous at the obscure formerly dead zone 5PM slot. One night he equaled with ONE show at 5PM the entire four episodes of KO & Maddow from 8-12, truly an awesome feat.

BTW, is somebody in Hollyweird slipping LGF roofies? Serious robotic lurches leftward usually indicate a dash for the cash, or a TV show. Now Filipino Malkin is a WHITE supremacist. Change of meds needed or intense therapy.

I think McCain was a RINO who didn't even get near the red zone. In 2000, he might have done better than GWB, and it's great to see BillyJeff's remarks on the Gorebot's living in Neverland. Lyin' Al and Michael Jackson, seems a good fit to me.