Sunday, December 13, 2009

Astroturf and Balaclavas: Hundreds Arrested at Copenhagen Protests

There are two memes worth noting about the mass protests yesterday at the Copenhagen climate-change convention. On the one hand, you've got massive astroturfing, not unlike the left's International ANSWER/ HCAN/SEIU healthcare demonstrations this year. But on the other, you've got menacing thugs, donning balaclava headgear, which is the fashion warmer of choice among anarcho-terrorists worldwide. (And of course, plenty of arrests to go around.) Both of these memes are nicely contrasted to the peaceful, patriotic tea party protests we've had all year, demonstrations that ended up getting grassroots citizens qualified for inclusion on right-wing terrorist watchlists.

Of course, no word yet from the Democrats on the radical left's growing campaign of intimidation and violence at home. See, "Governor Calls Attack on UC Berkeley Chancellor's Home a 'Type of Terrorism'."

Hmm. Maybe Scharzenegger needs to do some more shuttle diplomacy in Washington!

Yo, Janet Napolitano!


Unknown said...

Donald, I was just reading an article by Tevi B Troy in the City Journal [no url] about Cornell where I participated with the SDS group that later became the Seattle Seven.

Now it's the vapid airhead ditz in charge of "Homeland Security," persecuting tax-paying citizens while another Chancellor's Home is threatened.

The Campus Daily Sun told the New York Times back in 1968 that a large majority wanted the nasty radicals off-campus, but the gutless faculty were also spineless [race issues, if you google the article].

The reason people went to college in the era of Vietnam was often to avoid the draft, but it seemed to suck the entire intestinal fortitude completely out of them!