Sunday, December 6, 2009

Charles Johnson Descends to Banning LGF Visitors by Blocking ISP Addresses

I visit Little Green Footballs once in a while, mostly to get a look at the latest libel campaign Charles Johnson is waging against someone (today he's running yet another attack against Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer). Recall that C.J. came out the other day, basically announcing that he's total flaming Rocky Horror fanboy leftist.

And this past few weeks, King Charles has been defending the IPCC scientists currently involved in one of greatest scientific scandal in decades. No surprise there, it turns out. But don't try to argue Climategate with the Lizard-Master, even by e-mail -- unless you're looking to get ISP-banned, like Lee Doren over at Right Wing News, "
Could Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs Get More Absurd?" (with emphasis added):

Within the last two weeks, to help inform Charles about the data, I sent Charles a lecture from Richard Lindzen, Ph.D. M.I.T. Climatologist (a higher quality lecture with better sound will be uploaded next week), and earlier today I sent him phenomenal analysis from the American Thinker about what "Hide the Decline" actually means. I advise everyone to take a look at both.

Well, after sending Charles the American Thinker link this afternoon, I am now banned from Little Green Footballs.

No, I don't mean I cannot comment. I don't mean I cannot share links. I mean I cannot view his website. Instead, I get a 403 Forbidden page.

Evidently, sending Charles a lecture from a professor about climate science, during a week when he is writing about climate science, and a link about the tree ring data to explain what "hide the decline means," conflicts too much with his religious, yes religious, beliefs.
No doubt, Lee's not the first, but C.J.'s going pretty far to control the entire Internet prevent critics from repudiating his lies.

And a liar he is, it turns out that Charles Johnson was for climate skepticism before he was against it. Check Weasel Zippers, "
Charles Johnson Shocked, SHOCKED to Learn There are Actually People Who Don't Believe in Man-Made Global Warming ....":

And this is something that's pretty common among ideological opportunists who've switched from (purportedly) right to left. Andrew Sullivan nearly lost all he had with the RawMuslGlutes scandal and his bareback licentiousness; and that's not to mention the demands that Sullivan be deported for criminal possession of controlled subtances (which but for his status as an Obama wannabe-squeeze would have resulted in his expulsion from the country).

There's also the piss-ant E.D. Kain, who possesses the moral backbone of a leech. In speaking about C.J.'s crazed machinations, E.D. suggested, "
If you are honestly committed to conservative principles, you simply don’t abandon them because of the reasons Johnson lists." Ha, and that's coming from a guy who used to run a neoconservative blogging platform entitled "Neoconstant," but who burned all his bridges to the writers he recruited there when he developed a man-crush on Andrew Sullivan himself!

The ridicule just writes itself!

It's just obvious that this kind of pathological deceit is routine among the ideological invertebrates who've slithered over to the left, or who just wormed their way back to familiar ground after a period of rank political duplicity.

Either way, these are just really bad people.


smitty1e said...

You don't like Rocky Horror?

Unknown said...

The Answer to the question "Could Charles Johnson of Little Green Foottballs get more absurd" is ABSOLUTELY !! Paranoia tends to accelerate.

Cuffy Meigs said...

Depends on how much you pay him, I'd guess.

Anonymous said...

Its called "IP addresss", for Internet Protocol. Not ISP, which would be Internet Service Provider...

DavidR said...

Yup ... I merely invited CJ, using the 'Contact' form, if he would consider writing a post in defence of the Copenhagen Climate Conference [COP15] extending a platform for despots and thugs [Ahmadinejad, Mugabe, Chavez].

And the next time I tried to visit LGF, hey presto ... I was BLOCKED!

It's actually quite flattering ... and one can always visit the site using a proxy server ... if one must!