Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First Snow, Cascadel Woods, California, December 2009

My wife's uncle owns a cabin at Cascadel Woods, in North Fork, California, about an hour north of Fresno. Family members sent pictures from the first snow last week. The sun is setting over the San Joaquin Valley, downs West from the mountains:

This view is literally just a few steps across the road from the driveway to the property. There's a creek that runs down to a waterfall. Sitting at this spot in 1992, I asked my wife to move to Santa Barbara with me, where I was headed to start grad school that September. It was Memorial Day weekend, if I recall. The family has a huge holiday barbecue there every year. Thought I'd leave this one at top overnight for a little more joyous holiday feel around here, considering ...



Thinking about it last night, it could have been 4th of July 1992 when I asked my wife to come with me to Santa Barbara. Either way, it's a pretty sentimental memory.


Rusty Walker said...

Thanks, Donald, a truely serene California Christmas scene!