Sunday, December 6, 2009

Global Warming Fraud an Attack on Humanity

Okay, there's obviously a whole bunch of stuff on the Copenhagen convention, which starts tomorrow.

President Obama has changed his schedule to attend the event later in the week. It's an patent attempt to salvage a treaty, but news reports of the schedule change conveniently omitted mention of the Climategate scandal. From yesterday's Los Angeles Times, "
Obama to Join Climate Summit on its Final Day." And the Associated Press, "Climate Drama Climax Looks Elusive in Copenhagen" (via Glenn Reynolds).

I'm confident that the tide is turning against the global warming industry, although it's like any political fight, and like few other issues, the global warming debate pits left and right in a manichean battle for the future and soul of humanity. But the mask of deceit is really coming off the global left, as Alan Caruba argues, in "
The Global Warming Bulldozer":

To those who think that the revelations about the massive international fraud called “global warming”, now called “climate change”, will deter the efforts of those who have devoted years and millions to convince the public that drastic measures must be taken to “save the Earth”, let me put you straight on that topic.

A vast Green bulldozer of propaganda will be let loose upon everyone watching television, reading newspapers and magazines, or visiting websites in order to smear those standing up against this juggernaut of foundations, environmental organizations, government agencies, and the central organizer of the fraud, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

A legion of “science” and other reporters will do everything in their power to “explain” the many emails between the perpetrators of the “global warming” fraud and to repeat the lies that underwrite the passage of laws such as “cap-and-trade” and the Obamacare legislation, both of which are a dagger aimed at the heart of the American economy.

The good news is that it will not work.

The day before Thanksgiving, the Global Warming Campaign Director for Greenpeace USA, Damon Moglen, issued a statement:

“In a statement today, the Obama administration announced that the President will attend the international climate talks in Copenhagen on December 9th…more than a week before international leaders will arrive to show their commitment to shaping an ambitious and comprehensive climate deal,” said Moglen.

“The administration’s announcement proposed the same inadequate emissions targets that were included in the House-passed climate legislation. By taking his cues from a Congress heavily influenced by the fossil fuel industry, Obama continues to shirk domestic and international leadership on climate policy.”

Lies! The Greenpeace “attack” on President Obama is a subterfuge to distract everyone from the FACT that so-called greenhouse gas emissions, primarily carbon dioxide, have nothing to do with the equally bogus “global warming.” More to the point, the Earth has been cooling for the past decade!
And you notice the Daily Kos headline above. I've been around academic and blogging debates for a while, but the sheer willful blindness on the left is staggering. Here's the post, "Seas to Rise 4.6 feet by 2100 as Antarctic Melt Quickens."

And the source for that hysteria? Well, the U.K.'s Scientific Committee on Antartic Research, "Antarctic Climate Change and the Environment." And as
the Kos diarist points out, "

Accelerated glacial melting will cause sea levels to rise 1.4 meters - 4.6 feet - by 2100, a much greater rise than the IPCC forecast, according to a massive new report on Antarctic Climate Change.
Boy, that's ominous. And notice how "Antarctic Climate Change" capitalized, kinda like the "Great Depression" or the "Middle Ages," historical markers of which there's little doubt.

Not so, of course, with global warming, hence the fearmongering and epic drama.

In any case, check Charlie Martin, "
Fast Facts About Climategate: A one-stop source for information about the biggest scientific scandal in a century." Plus, Marc Sheppard, "Understanding Climategate's Hidden Decline":

Close followers of the Climategate controversy know that much of the mêlée surrounds an email in which Climate Research Unit (CRU) chief Phil Jones wrote about using “Mike’s Nature Trick” (MNT) to “hide the decline.” And yet, 17 days and thousands of almost exclusively on-line op-eds into this scandal, it still seems very few understand exactly which “decline” was being hidden, what “trick” was used to do so, and why Jones’s words have become the slogan for the greatest scientific fraud in history.

As the mainstream media move from abject denial to dismissive whitewashing, CRU co-conspirators move to Copenhagen for tomorrow’s UN climate meeting, intent on changing the world as we know it based primarily on their now exposed trickery. Add yesterday’s announcement of a UN investigation into the matter, which will no doubt be no less corrupt than those being investigated, and public awareness of how and why that trick was performed is now more vital than ever.

So please allow me to explain in what I hope are easily digestible terms.
Read the whole thing, a quite digestible summary of the epic fraud perpetuate by the leftists climate industry.

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