Friday, December 18, 2009

Obama in Copenhagen: President Spins Climate Hysteria as Convention Fizzles to Close (VIDEO)

True to form, President Obama, in Copenhagen and paralyzed by fear of alienating key constituencies, pleases no one -- not developing countries nor the left's global warming shakedown industry. See especially, Ed Morrissey, "Breaking: India, China walk out of Copenhagen." Plus, "Copenhagen dead as India, China, Brazil walk out,", and "India, China, Brazil Briefly Walk Out of Climate Summit."

And, on the speech, from the Wall Street Journal, "
Obama’ Copenhagen Speech: Some Reactions":

For all the expectations that President Barack Obama’s appearance at the Copenhagen climate conference could part the waters and break the deadlock, his 8-minute speech thrilled nobody.

Granted, he met beforehand with a score of world leaders, and a dozen more at lunch—not to mention an hour-long one-on-one with the Chinese premier in between—but his speech left plenty of frustration inside Copenhagen’s Bella Center and without.

Here’s a smattering of reactions to the speech ...
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I like the title from the Guardian, "
Barack Obama's speech disappoints and fuels frustration at Copenhagen." Not cited at WSJ is Mother Jones, "Obama's Copenhagen Speech: The Collapse of a Deal?"

And this piece from WSJ has an analysis, "
Obama, Wen Meet as Clock Ticks."

President Barack Obama said "time is running out" to salvage a deal to curb emissions of heat-trapping gases at a global summit here, as he and China's Premier Wen Jiabao "made progress" in a private meeting.

But President Obama warned that the U.S. is prepared to walk away from the talks empty handed, rather than accept a "hollow victory" in which developing nations refuse to allow their own emissions controls to be monitored.

"These discussions have taken place for two decades, and we have very little to show for it other than an increase and an acceleration in the climate-change phenomenon," Mr. Obama said, in his appearance on the final day of a United Nations climate summit.

The White House later said that Mr. Obama and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao met for 55 minutes in a room at the Bella Center, and "made progress" in discussions toward a climate accord. The meeting ended at 1:35 p.m. Copenhagen time, the White House said.

A White House official said the discussion was constructive and that the two leaders asked negotiators to meet with each other, and with other countries, to see if an agreement could be reached. "They took a step forward and made progress," the White House official said. He said that the hope is to reach an agreement today.
Also, at the New York Times, "Obama Presses China on Rules for Monitoring Emissions Cuts."

I've listened the speech. Check the opening segments, around 1:00 minute. Obama says:

This is not fiction, it is science. Unchecked, climate change will pose unacceptable risks to our security, our economies, and our planet. This much we know.
Of course, we actually don't know. The entire premise of global warming has been shattered by scandal, and piling on top of the hoax have been the anti-American diatribes from leaders around the world.

The best bet for the U.S. is to defeat global warmingn legislation at home and eject the Democrats from office at the polls in 2010. China and India are going to look out for themselves, and the rest of the developing world is
looking to cash in on the global warming shakedown. It's all one monumental disgrace.

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Nothing finer for the Holidays than watching the left implode....there is a glimer of hope for 2010 and the country{and world}...