Saturday, December 5, 2009

'Patriots Against Pelosi' -- Hundreds Protest House Speaker at Orange County Tea Party!

Well, good thing I'm not on deadline! But it's worth the wait!

As promised, here's my report on today's anti-PelosiCare protest at the Irvine Hilton/Orange County Airport. The background information is at my earlier entry, "
Orange County Tea Party Patriots to Protest Nancy Pelosi at Democrats' 15th Annual Harry S. Truman Awards Dinner!"

Okay, here's the scene along MacArthur Boulevard when I arrived a little after 4:00pm. Just a few tea partiers are lined up along the east side of the street, and I'm facing north. That first sign on the right captures the spirit of the day:

You can see the geography of the tea party at the protest map event organizers sent me. Early in the evening, the main protest is taking place at the little red-lined elbow at left -- at the intersection of MacArthur and Douglas. Later on, some of the more intense demonstrations took place at the driveway entrance to the hotel parking lot, just left of the service entrance marked below. Lots of police units were on hand:

I walked over by the hotel driveway and Planned Parenthood activists were setting up. I'll have more on these folks below. Just hidden behind the folks with the "Health Care Reform Now" sign is Pauline Merry, the former provost of the Pacific Coast Campus at my school, Long Beach City College. Pauline retired in 2007. She asked me, "What are you doing here"? I pointed back over to MacArthur and said, "I'm with the tea partiers." And she looked at me and said, "You're with them? Why?" And I told her: "I'm not happy with the Democrats." She said, well you're in political science, right? That explains it." Actually, President Hussein "Infanticide" Obama and his PelosiCare monstrosity explain it, but I said my farewells, in any case:

That's Pauline here, holding that "Stupak Never!" sign:

Okay, back over at the tea party section. I said hello to these two lovely activists. They were boasting awesome signs, reversible for added impact:

I stopped to say hello to a tea party mom:

Here's the scene walking back over to MacArthur Boulevard. A few more people were setting up:

Some long-time readers might recall this gentleman, who also hoisted a big-flag protest sign at the Adam Schiff town hall in August:

A couple of more lovelies, featuring the AARP sign on the left (the American Association of Repulsive Politics).

Walking back over to the intersection, more lovelies, even more excited to have their picture taken. Notice that sign on the left: "Obama-Care CAIR" -- for the unindicted terrorist co-conspirator, the Council on American-Islamic Relations:

This is my old friend Michael Fell. I saw him again for the first time in years at the Westwood 9-12 Tea Party West in September:

You can see the crowd's filling out by now. I counted 200 people before sundown:

Walking back over to the driveway, I had to post the obligatory SEIU open-borders demonstration picture:

A purple-shirt janitor amigo is here -- JUSTICIA!:

Here's our big-flag patriot speaking with the Planned Parenthood activists. My good friend Megan Barth suggested I get a picture -- too good to pass up, you know? -- of this PREGNANT PRO-ABORTION ACTIVIST protesting the Stupak amendment. Something just doesn't compute there, you think?:

Checking back with the tea partiers, I had to chase this guy down the sidewalk to get a picture. He was cruising up and down with that bullhorn. My bet is this guy's a LaRouchie (the other side of his sign was an Obama-Nazi poster, not my favorite). He didn't seem to be with the grassroots folks I've been highlighting, and there were more extreme-o types on the south side of Douglas street, including some 9/11 truthers. I didn't take any more photos of them:

At the video, provided by W.C. Varones, you can hear the big chanting along the front driveway when protesters started getting really fired up:

Although the protest was in high gear, I was cruising around to see if I could find Nancy Pelosi inside the hotel. I heard mixed reports on her arrival, and never did see her pull up. Here's the scene in the hotel bar/lobby area. Everyone had to check in to receive nametags, so it's not like I could snake into the main hall to take pictures:

I'm borrowing this shot below from the Orange County Register's report, "House speaker Pelosi attracts fans and foes." Be sure to check out the huge photo-slideshow at the article:

Walking out to my car (which was up MacArthur past the next hotel), I saw one more sign:

Home safe and sound, my wife took a picture of yours truly:

I actually have more pictures. Look for a follow-up post sometime tomorrow.



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UPDATE II: My follow up entry is here, "Tea Party America's Christmas Wish List: 'Kiss My Astroturf' - STOP Health-Care Take-Over, and More!!" And that includes an apology to Robert Ogden, the Meetup Organizer of the San Diego Tea Party.


KMacGinn said...

I love Tea Parties! St. Louis had a great one last weekend ... about 4,000 showed up in downtown St. Louis. Not bad for Thanksgiving Day weekend. We fortunately had fabulous weather that day, preceded and followed by cold, rainy weather. Meant to be!

Those 2 ladies with the "roses are red" sign made me laugh out loud! That one is a keeper!

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks MacGinn!

Anonymous said...

Love the signs,those are some of the best I've seen.

xwolfpackx said...

to clarify the pregnant pro-choice lady, just because someone believes in abortion rights doesn't mean they will have one themselves. they believe in choice and they chose to remain pregnant, yet want other womyn to be able to choose for themselves.

Roger said...

I am the guy above with the "Obama's Religion/Destroy America" sign. Sorry to disappoint, but I have never been a LaRouche fan or a conspriracy theorist. I am just a guy that read the books on the doctrine of Obama's church, Black Liberation Theology. That is what the books say that the black race has a divine mission to destroy America. You can buy the books from Amazon and read them yourself. This clip may help you understand. Post it by my photo if you will.

I am also a Tea Party organizer in San Diego, who drove up with 100 people to the protest. Click my name to go to my meetup group. I believe that my members will tell you that I am not a conspriracy theorist.

Roger Ogden said...

Opps! Forgot to type the URL above, click on my name here to go to the Sotp Obama meetup group. Or, here:

There is also much more info there on Obama's religion.

Roger Ogden said...

Also forgot to mention that I am the guy that produced the maps and "protest plan." You posted one of my maps above.

Philippe Öhlund said...

Interesting post, Donald! :-)

Here in Sweden the scandal continues with pregnant mothers taking the flu shot.

The latest case today is a mother who was to give birth in three days, who took the flu shot, which killed her unborn baby.

Hospitals, doctors, and nurses here are completely incompetent, doing their best to kill the largest amount possible of elderly people and unborn babies, through the means of flu shots.

A few days ago out of 8 dead people in swine flu in Sweden, 7 were men around 50.

But we still basically vaccinate the elderly and pregnant mothers.

No one should take the swine flu vaccine, because it is furthermore loaded with microchips for genocidal purpose.

That is why the government want all newly born babies having them, so it can decide who to eliminate later.

Otherwise it is as usual here.

For some unknown reason our politicians want the EU to unilaterally recognize a Palestinian state in a few days.

I don't like that.

But it will surprisingly result in the Jewish nation as head of the EU and America.

The Swedish people is traditionally the Israeli tribe of Naphthali.

That is why they like to infight with other Israelis like the Belgian, Dutch, English, and French peoples.

But the Israelis I prefer are the Jews.

I stick however to the Italians I find here, because I like their generous and inspiring atmosphere.

I cannot deny my roots.

But I look forward to Jerusalem and the Jews ruling the world, not because they are right, but because they are kind.

Hopefully they will accept Latin as lingua franca...

Have a great Saturday with your family, Donald! :-)

AmPowerBlog said...

Roger: My apologies at the link.

k6whp said...

First of all, magnificent pictures and write-up! Thank you for your efforts!

As a fellow attendee, I would just add that there were about 1,000 at the peak around 1830 and they dwarfed the "truthers" (about 10), Code Pinkers (about 5), and scant few who cme out to picket *for* that old hag. (Imagine that?)

The gentleman whom you identified as a "LaRouchie" (and who posted above) was Roger who organized a large contingent of wonderful people to come up from San Diego. He was very active, politely getting in the face of the SEIU immigrant contingent.

And, if I had any sympathies for them (the Reformistas) it is surely drained by now. Sure, everyone has a right to protest and assemble but coming to an event like this and telling Americans that they must allow grant law-breakers access to this country?

Ani't happening, my friend, ain't happening on my watch.

Kathy Neiheisel said...

I am so proud of the ASAMOM photographed here! Thanks to all you great patriots. This site has given hope to hundreds of thousands that there are sane people in California! God Bless you all!

Roger Ogden said...

Obama's church in Chicago taught a bizarre relgious doctrine, based on Black Liberation Theology, that the black race has a divine mission to destroy America and it's -- to them -- "racist" institutions, s.a. the Constitution. This religious doctrine has strong parallels to Nazism (in reverse). For this reason comparison to Nazism/Hitler are perfectly appropriate. It just seems very sick and disturbing that some Tea Partiers are much more interested in attacking other Tea Partiers, trying to point this out than they are interested in themselves publicizing the details of Obama's religion of hate against America. This, in effect just enables Obama (and Pelosi) and may well lead to the loss of our democratic republic.

Click on my name to go to our web page or see this video clip for more info:

Shane said...

It breaks my heart that I missed this protest - I live in Irvine! Where do I get information about these protests here in Orange County?

Donald Douglas - nice site, and would like to read more about your thoughts on the political battle brewing now. Great to see a political scientist putting his talent to use!