Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Salahis Speak Out on 'Today Show', Play Victim Card: 'Our Lives Have Been Destroyed'; Matt Lauer Gives Party Crashers Free Pass on Islamist Ties!

Gateway Pundit has the headline, "The Radical Salahis Stick With Their Story – Say They Were Invited to White House."

But check the video:

The key moment is at about 1:30 minutes. Matt Lauer asks the couple if they've been "mischaracterized" by the media. Tareq and Michaele plead they've been devastated: "Our lives have been destroyed." The couple is totally evasive throughout the entire interview, and Lauer -- who asks some pointed questions -- lets these fame-seekers off the hook. He asks only one follow up question, saying he wants to be "more specific," but is stonewalled again by the Salahis. They plead the the truth will come out in the Secret Service investigation, but the couple's radical ties to ATFP never come up. Lauer drops the ball and skips any mention of the White House's epic security breach, and especially the key role that Desiree Rogers -- the Obamas' hand-groomed Social Secretary and flak-catcher -- had in creating the scandal.

Give Lauer credit for exposing the Salahis' fraud in the early part of the interview, where they refuse to respond to questions about their Pentagon e-mails. Otherwise, way too sweet of an appearance. These people are not victims. They're glamor-seekers, and stuff's hitting the fan now. As Michelle Malkin indicated today, there's lots more here than meets the eye. See, ""
Crashergate, Desiree Rogers, and the Chicago Way: Land of no consequences; Update: House Panel to Hold Hearing."

More at Hot Air, "
Video: Crashers Deny Crashing White House party." Also, the Los Angeles Times, "State Dinner Crashers Exchanged E-Mails with Pentagon Official." (via Memeorandum).

ADDED: Linked at Common Sense Political Thought, "Oh, the Poor Dears! See also, Camp of the Saints, "A FISHY MAIN COURSE."


Bob Belvedere said...

Donald, you're doing great work on this story. Much appreciated.

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Dana said...

Oh, the poor dears! Their lives have been destroyed, because of something they did? How unjust!

Dave said...

LMAO! Does anyone truly believe that these two goobers would have made it into a White House state dinner without someone in same giving them the nod?


After all, it has been proven they had met Obama long before this "incident" ever took place.

Funny, as the Senate is currently mulling two bills that, if passed, will pretty much mean the end of the Amurrica we all were born into, yet the couch-riding, American Idol-watching sheeple all have their boxers and thongs in a knot over DinnerGate, TigerGate, and the latest machinations of that freakazoid spawn of Sonny and Cher.

We wonder why our country is swirling near the bottom of the economic and financial loo, yet we cannot (will not?) see the hand reaching for the flush handle.